Monthly Archives: July 2002

Summer League Over

Summer League is over. My team (Ferris Team II) ended up winning the end of season playoffs to take the league championship. This winter is going to be a lot of fun with such a quality group of players. The scary thing is that it will be here before I know it.

Now I’ve got about five weeks left of freedom before summer ends and work gets really busy. I guess I’d better enjoy it while it lasts.


After reading Robert’s plug of Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots (and his comparison to OK Computer – a big favorite of mine as well) I had to go over to the Flaming Lips to find out more about their new album. I didn’t expect to be able to listen to every track online though (yay for pro technology musicians!). I must admit, I liked what I heard enough that it will probably be my next cd purchase.


Congratulations Micah and Carolyn!

My brother and his wife had a beautiful wedding Saturday afternoon at the historic Schmidt House in Tumwater, WA. In retrospect the day really flew by for me, despite the nine plus hours Mary and I spent at the wedding site. In contrast the drive back to Spokane yesterday seemed a little longer and more boring than usual; I think that was mostly due to post wedding exhaustion. We’re mostly recovered now though and hopefully we’ll get to see the newlyweds again before summer ends and school starts up again. I’m looking forward to hearing all about how their honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta went.

Brother’s Wedding

My brother’s wedding is Saturday so I’m wrapping up a half day of work and then Mary and I are headed across the state. Unfortunately I still have several tasks to accomplish before we leave and packing is just one of them.

In other news it looks like actually shipped out my order (switch/router/access point) yesterday, although I can’t track it yet. Hopefully it will arrive by Monday, but I’m not overly optimistic.


Ambrosia finally released Pop-Pop today and it’s quite the clever game. It is a bit tricky to play with just a trackpad though. Guess I need to dig out my Intellimouse.