Monthly Archives: August 2002

Spring Early Addition

Like many MacOS X using bloggers I downloaded Spring today and started fiddling around with it. Even though it’s not entirely up to snuff in 10.2 it’s clearly a promising app. I love how you can drag objects straight out of a web page. It’ll be even cooler once they get it integrated with iChat too.

Spring is kind of hard to describe, but I’ll give it a go. Spring is essentially an application that lets you manipulate information objects in interesting ways. On one level you can access the built-in actions of an object by right clicking on it and that’s pretty cool in and of itself. Where things really start to take off is when you command-drag from one object to another to create a connection and generate entirely different actions. For example if you command drag from one city object to another Spring will show a pop up menu which presents the option to buy a plane ticket between the cities.

Spring is all about connecting things together, so many object actions take you to some form of web page or application. Book objects can take you to their page or to a price comparision page. There are tons of possibilities here so I’m excited to see what happens as more people get on board and start generating cool objects and actions.

LJ And E2

This article is a nice examination of the relative merits of two open source content management systems dear to my heart: Livejournal and Everything2

Speaking of open source content management systems, I started to get interested in Zope again this evening while reading through a couple books on the topic (The Book of Zope and The Zope Book) at Barnes & Noble. I didn’t get interested enough to shell out $40 and actually buy one though. I’m also still disappointed that my local B&N doesn’t carry any of the Ruby books that are out now besides the O’Reilly one.

Tiring Day

Work was positively hectic today and now it’s catching up to me. I don’t usually get sleepy quite this early.

I spent a lot of my free time this evening reading the columns over at I’ll probably never write a screenplay, but I love getting an inside perspective on the movie industry. I also like the idea of getting paid six figures for a 120 page script, but it sounds like you can expect your first couple screenplays to morph into something entirely unlike what you envisioned once the studios get their hands on them.