Monthly Archives: August 2002

Weekend Exploits

Mary and I had a relaxing couple days at Lake Couer d’Alene, but then we came home and started on our backyard fence project so I’m now fairly sore. I was only able to dig 3.5 holes for the fence posts this evening because the first two spots contained large chunks of concrete that I can only assume were remnants from a long forgotten fence. The second post hole still has its concrete chunk because I haven’t figured out the best approach to removing a solid three foot long mass of poured rock. Holes three and four went smoothly though with only a few large rocks between them with no concrete. That leaves about 6.5 holes left to deal with tomorrow.

Once I get tomorrow’s yard projects done I intend to do the big MacOS X 10.2 install since I haven’t had a chance to get around to it yet. Hopefully I can get my computer backed up in a couple hours or less, but we’ll have to see.

Small Battles

I spent the bulk of last night importing all my weblog entries back into Movable Type from Radio Userland. Actually that’s not quite true. More like: I spent the majority of last night and an hour early this morning trying to successfully import my entries, but I didn’t quite succeed. It turns out that my import file didn’t quite follow MT’s expected format and it was messing up some of the databases when imported even though it wasn’t reporting any errors. Once I straightened that out this morning when I got up everything worked as expected (thank goodness for BBEdit and its grep pattern matching).

I also got a call from FedEx this morning because there was some confusion over the address on my Jaguar package. As I understand it, Gonzaga is the only address at 99258 in Spokane, but unfortunately that zip code only looks up as Spokane. I think I probably forgot to put Gonzaga University along with the AD BOX 25 that usually gets things delivered to me and that’s why FedEx was confused. They wanted me to give a street address and I wasn’t sure what it should be as I’ve never had to include that in the past. Hopefully I’ve gotten things straightened out now.

Computer Related Projects

I’ve got several computer related projects (at home) on my plate: * Prepare my computer for Jaguar installation. * Move this weblog back into Movable Type over at * Get Mary’s class weblog up and running.

The first item on the list is perhaps the most pressing and involved. Currently my hard drive has six partitions and I’m leaning towards pairing that down to three: MacOS X, Classic, and Swap. At this point for simplicity’s sake I’m thinking of giving MacOS X around 17GB, Classic about 1GB and swap about 512MB, but I may still change my mind. Bottom line: it’s time for some major partition cleaning and backup. Thank goodness I’ve got that external 80GB drive to help with the process.

My copy of Jaguar shipped today from somewhere in California so I think I can expect it Friday.

Raspberry Bushes

Today after coming home from work I planted a ton of raspberry bushes in the northeast corner of our backyard. I’m curious to see how they do in the coming months as they were actually out of the ground for the last few couple days. They’re supposed to be incredibly hardy, but some of them looked pretty sad with all of their leaves starting to shrivel; I’m hopeful that they’ll all bounce back.

I really need to start taking pictures of these yard projects.

Lawn Waste Disposal Day

Lawn waste disposal day went pretty well. Mary and I finished up our yard work this morning by removing the ivy from the back wall of our house. That was a little more work than I would have preferred, but it’s definitely an improvement. I also found the wasp nest responsible for yesterday’s sting while de-vining a portion of the fence, but it was cold enough that the wasps were quite torpid. I considered knocking the nest down then, but Mary preferred that we wait and use some spray on them so that’s what we ended up doing.

After finishing our yard work I watched a little WNBA playoff action and then took a nap while Mary drove north to her parents to swap cars. She and her parents arrived with their two trucks somewhere after 1 PM and incredibly we were just able to fit all thirty five bags (my rough estimate) into the back of both trucks. Based on what we paid at the dump the amount of yard waste we cleared this weekend weighed aproximately 1100 lbs!