Monthly Archives: October 2002

Important NetNewsWire Lite Update

Net NewsWire Lite 1.0.2.b2 has a most significant change:

Reduces bandwidth consumption by supporting ETag and Last-Modified headers as detailed on this page.

Oddly enough I was actually already familiar with this idea thanks to some delving into the http protocol I did a few years back while playing around with creating a Mac Livejournal client I called LizardJuice. I never got around to polishing everything up and releasing it, but I did learn a few things while working on it which was the main thing anyway..

Oh The Pain!

I did a stupid thing while unloading my car tonight. I not only managed to step backwards, trip over our lawnmower and then fall down backwards on top of it, I also succeeded in dropping one of my bags directly onto my right shin. Though scraped and slightly achey now the swelling doesn’t actually seem too bad. And more importantly through some small miracle my powerbook (which I was carrying over my shoulder at the time) seems to have escaped harm.

Air Force – Notre Dame

Well, unfortunately Air Force couldn’t quite pull off the upset of Notre Dame and lost 14-21. I was rooting hard for them the whole game though. I’m always interested in teams that use unique offensive and defensive schemes (in basketball too) and Air Force has both these days. Their triple option running game is pretty uncommon in today’s college game, but there 3-3-5 defense is especially unusual. Unfortunately Notre Dame’s superior athletes were able to negate the advantages Air Force’s offensive and defensive systems usually provide.

Deadly Dogs

Boy survives savage mauling

David Block ran to save his son. The boy was naked, except for one sock. He was covered with bites. Two dogs chased him. One of the animals stuck its muzzle under the fleeing boy’s buttocks, flipped him, jumped on him and prepared to seize the child’s throat in its jaws.

As if an incident like this wasn’t scary enough in its own right, it hit especially close to home as Mary used to work with the boy and is good friends with the Block family. Thank goodness he wasn’t seriously injured or killed.

Football Sunday

I’ve been enjoying the St. Louis – Oakland game immensely this afternoon. On the one hand as a Seahawks fan I’ve always hated the Raiders and on the other I’ve liked the Rams ever since Kurt Warner led them to a Superbowl Championship three years ago. It’s the fourth quarter and the 0-5 Rams are up 21-6 on the 5-0 Raiders. That’s the crazy thing about the NFL, you just never go how a game will go. Now it wouldn’t shock me if the Raiders came back and won… actually now it might as Grant Wistram just intercepted a batted pass Rich Gannon pass. Sweet.