Monthly Archives: November 2002


I’ve actually succeeded in getting a Mac to authenticate on the new wireless network we’ve got running in the building.

I may have to try downloading something now to see what kind of throughput we can get.


I think I’d like to buy one of Apple’s newly revised 800Mhz 12.1″ iBooks, but I’m not completely sure. My upgraded Lombard is still going strong, but it’s a little bit bigger than I would prefer and has lots of little nagging flaws:

  • No built-in airport and firewire.
  • No DVD.,
  • No CDR/W.No 3D hardware acceleration.
  • No fully supported 2D hardware acceleration.

I really like having portability in my main computer and in some ways that outweighs my desire for any additional power a desktop PowerMac would provide. I am starting to get pretty interested in digital video manipulation and the G4 processor is pretty handy in that regard, but aside from gaming that’s probably one of the few things I would do that takes advantage of the additional processor.


I had my best NaNoWriMo writing day yet today. I broke 2000 words total for the day to bring my total up beyound 7000 words, unfortunately I’m still behind by about one thousand words. Another good day tomorrow and I should be a lot closer to being back on track.

The plot is developing fairly well so far, but should really take off within the next couple chapters. I still haven’t introduced one of the most important characters, but he should be arriving within a day or two.