Monthly Archives: December 2002

Snow Day

We had some really big flakes falling this morning as I got ready for work and the roads were pretty well covered on my drive into Gonzaga. The temperatures were right around 32° making things especially slippery and wet on the drive down the hill. Traffic wasn’t too bad and most people drove prudently.

It’s supposed to warm up today so hopefully most of the snow will melt off the streets at least. In fact I wouldn’t mind if the snow melted off completely as Mary and I still have some yard clean up to do before our new puppy arrives in January.

Funny, I just noticed my last entry was about the weather and roads. Guess I’ve had too much stuff going on lately to talk about anything besides the weather.

Slick Roads

The drive to work was pretty slick and icy thanks to the crazy freezing fog that we’ve been having all weekend, but I didn’t see any accidents. Most of the people driving around during the 6 o’clock hour seemed to be pretty sensible and once I got down off the hill conditions improved quite a bit. Of course once I got to work I found about a quarter inch of snow on all the nearby streets so go figure. I’m probably going to need to pick up a couple snow tires soon.


Emila is a MacOS X indexing and search tool for your email (assuming you use inspired by ZOE.

I played with ZOE several months back and thought it was a cool idea at the time, but didn’t really like how it worked in conjunction with my email application. Add the Java issues that caused it to crash periodically and I quickly tossed it. It looks like Emila is a much more practical approach to the email indexing and search space. Perhaps Emila will have a little more staying power in my application toolbelt.