Monthly Archives: January 2003

Gimp Print 4.25

Gimp-Print 4.2.5 is the newest final release for Mac OS X; it includes 197 drivers supporting over 511 printers.

Now what I’d really like is a Classic printer driver that interfaces directly with your default printer in the Print Center.

Tampa Bay Wins!

For the first time in recent memory the team that I wanted to win the Super Bowl actually did. Congratulations to Jon Gruden and his Buccaneers!

I have to admit that I thought the deal Tampa Bay made to hire Gruden away from Oakland last year was crazy, but it turned out to be worth every penny. Go figure.

Super Bowl

Raiders vs. Buccaneers

Reasons I want Tampa Bay to win: * I hate the Raiders. * Tampa Bay’s colors are pretty close to Ferris colors and I’ve always kind of rooted for them since they changed their uniforms back in the mid-90’s. * Jon Gruden * Derrick Brooks * Ronde Barber

Incidentally, Barret Robbins, the Raiders’ starting center, got sent home.

Aristotle Erred

Super X-ray proves insects do breath.

WASHINGTON Researchers have settled one of the longest-running if lesser-known controversies in science: Bugs, it turns out, do breathe.

The discovery may seem small, and by some measures it is. Exposing insects to X-ray beams 1 billion times more powerful than ones used by doctors, scientists have observed pulsing, lunglike structures that typically are smaller than the commas in this sentence.

In some ways I’m fairly surprised that the anatomy of insects hasn’t been studied at this level before. I didn’t realize that the required technology simply wasn’t there until recently.

Update: Scientific American also has a brief article on the topic (with picture).

Blosxom 1.0

Weblog backend Blosxom just hit version 1.0.

I played with one of the early releases several months back, but I haven’t tried it recently. May have to take another look.