Monthly Archives: February 2003

Safari Tabs

Guess this has been out since Monday and I missed it until just a few minutes ago, but Slashdot announce a leaked version of Safari running tabs. I’m pleased to report that I’m typing this entry in one of three tabs I currently have open. Tabs seem to be working as expected. Hopefully the next legititmate Safari release will include this welcome addition.


Boodler: a programmable soundscape tool created by Andrew Plotkin.

Boodler is a tool for creating soundscapes — continuous, infinitely varying streams of sound. Boodler is designed to run in the background on a computer, maintaining whatever sound environment you desire.

Boodler is extensible, customizable, and modular. Each soundscape is a small piece of Python code — typically less than a page. A soundscape can incorporate other soundscapes; it can combine other soundscapes, switch between them, fade them in and out. This package comes with many example soundscapes. You can use these, modify them, combine them to arbitrary levels of complexity, or write your own.

Sounds pretty nifty and it apparently works under MacOS X with a little work.

New Style

I actually got a little bit motivated tonight and came up with a new weblog style based on Movable Type’s Plain Jane style. It’s no work of art, but I think it turned out fairly well. I’ll probably continue to tweak things as I go in the coming days.

It’s nice to be blogging regularly again. Knock on wood!