Monthly Archives: March 2003

Macromedia Central

Dave Winer mentioned on Scripting News that Macromedia has something in the works today, but hasn’t update his site yet to reflect the announcement. Looks like it’s something called Macromedia Central.

You can develop Macromedia Flash applications people can use both online and offline, right from their desktops. Macromedia Central will help users more easily interact with information on the Internet, and help Macromedia Flash MX developers and designers create, distribute, and sell Macromedia Flash applications.

White Paper

Wild Well Control

Wild Well Control has an informative animation demonstrating the process of capping a blown out oil well. [via]

On a related note I vaguely remember watching a TV show when I was a little kid (late 70s/early 80s) where they were trying to extinguish an oil well fire using dynamite suspended from a crane. I wonder what show that was? CHiPs or Dallas seem like logical candidates, but I’m really not sure.

Peter Arnett Interview

Waiting for the storm in Baghdad

BAGHDAD, March 25 — journalist Peter Arnett, one of the last reporters affiliated with an American news organization still in Baghdad, says he does not fear for his personal safety, despite the U.S.-led bombing raids and the possibility of street fighting. But Arnett says if U.S. troops are forced to battle block by block in the Iraqi capital, they will receive a very hostile reception from average Iraqis. .

Gonzaga vs. Arizona

One Stepp Short

Gonzaga played a tremendous game today before falling to Arizona by 1 point in double overtime. And that was with two good looks at the basket before time expired. Like someone said over at Zagshoops , Blake makes that last shot 7 out of 10 times.

I’m already really, really excited about next year’s team though. We’re going to be flat out scary with the addition of Errol Knight, Sean Mallon, Adam Morrison, and Derek Raivio. With everybody coming back except Zach and Winston and the new additions we’ve got more offensive fire power than we’re going to know what to do with. I just don’t think Coach Few can walk away from that kind of team.