Monthly Archives: March 2003

Zags Win

Zags defeat the Bearcats

In other news I caught the Weber State – Wisconsin and Dayton – Tulsa games in person. The first game was kind of disappointing as the Wildcats fell behind big and only closed within 7 in the second half, but the second game was a lot closer. The good news is that I picked Tulsa with the upset.

War In Iraq

Got home from a trip to the vet at around 6:45PM and discovered that we had recently launched a bombing strike on a building where high level Iraqi officials were meeting. Found out a little while later that Saddam Hussein was the primary target.

It’s much later now and I’m feeling exhausted. Tomorrow’s going to be a long day so I think I’ll turn in now.

Also: an Iraqi citizen’s weblog

Mobile Tech

The 5 forces that will shape mobile tech

  • Broadband everywhere
  • Extremo Centrino
  • Tablet PC
  • Wireless apps appear
  • No clear winners in wireless hardware

Speaking of tablet PC’s, Apple is really missing the boat right now by not having a product of their own. My supervisor brought one into a technology group meeting yesterday and a couple people that were present immediately announced that they each wanted one of their own (and one is pretty pro Apple). I still want a 12″ Powerbook G4 myself, but I certainly wouldn’t turn down a tablet if they bought me one at work. Apple already has all the necessary technology so I really think it’s only a matter a time; hopefully they’ll just end up being fashionably late to the tablet party.

Version Control With CVS

Found in Aaron Swartz’s How to Do Stuff pages: How to do version control with CVS

Especially handy for MacOS X users that have the developer tools installed, but are not yet masters of the command line. Additionally, even though cvs is generally thought of as a programming tool it can be used with any text document, so I’ll probably use it for next year’s NaNoWriMo attempt.

I understand that BBEdit 7 also offers built-in integration with cvs as well.

Web NCAA bracket interfaces review

A review of Web NCAA bracket interfaces

It’s college basketball tournament time in America, and millions of sports fans are taking their best shot at predicting the winners.

I took some time to look at a few online bracket contests. Not that I’m a sports fan in any way; I was mostly interested in how various sports news sites presented a means for user-submitted brackets.

Fill in the blank brackets are a pretty cool use of web technology; ESPN’s Flash based page sounds especially nice.