Monthly Archives: May 2003

The Day After The Matrix Reloaded

I had pretty high expectations going into The Matrix Reloaded last night and for the most part they were either met or exceeded. I suppose it’s inevitable that such a highly anticipated movie is going to be subjected to the level of criticism I’m seeing in the rest of webdom, but frankly it’s starting to annoy me.

Did this movie have better action and special effects than the original?  Heck yeah!  Was this movie as deep and philosophical as The Matrix?  I would say yes, and by the end of the film things got quite a bit more complicated than I was expecting.  It's no longer just a question of free will, but of the interdependence of man and machine.  There's clearly a lot more to be discovered when The Matrix Revolutions comes out.

Matrix Tickets Purchased

It looks like Mary and I are actually going to be able to go to one of The Matrix Reloaded showings tonight thanks to the magic of It should be pretty fun to see it with a diehard bunch of fans on opening night.

Does thinking that maybe I should take a nap in preparation this evening make me old?

The Baroque Cycle

Neal Stephenson’s latest book is going to be called Quicksilver and it is apparently the first book in a series called The Baroque Cycle. Quicksilver also appears to be set in the same universe as Cryptonomicon, but takes place a couple hundred years earlier during the 18th Century. Additionally several of the main characters will be ancestors of characters found in Cryptonomicon.

Unfortunately we’re going to have to wait about four more months until we can read Quicksilver as September 23 has been set as the release date. I really enjoyed Cryptonomicon back when I read it over the summer of 1999^1^ so to say I’m excited about this new series is a bit of an understatement.

^1^My copy of Cryptonomicon is actually quite well travelled. I read most of it while on a family vacation in Washington D.C. and then loaned it to my friend Steve to read when he went on a family vacation to Australia.


X2 was pretty much everything I was hoping for and more. Nightcrawler was absolutely perfect. Wolverine was even better than the first movie (they’ve sooo got to do a solo Wolverine movie with Hugh Jackman). I loved his interplay with the younger mutants and the contrast we see in his character when he unleashes his inner beast on the invaders when the mansion is attacked.

Magneto, Mystique, and Lady Deathstike were all well played villains, but Mystique really stood out this time around. It was great to see further development of her character and her relationship as loyal lieutenant to Magneto.

Besides the quality acting there were a lot of great special effect and action scenes throughout the movie as well. Magneto’s escape from prison. Every Wolverine fight sequence including the final Lady Deathstrike duel (his reaction prior to that melee was priceless). The opening Nightcrawler scene… the list just goes on and on. I doubt there will be anything besides “The Matrix Reloaded”: this summer that can top this movie in pure geek out fun.

I have no doubt there will be an X-Men III and I can hardly wait.

Blogshares Fun

I finally got around to trying BlogShares that it’s out of beta and purchased a few different stocks. After repeated readings of the manual I ‘m finally getting a grip on how blog value and link values all interconnect. It’s not really that complicated. I think my portfolio has even increased by about $20 since I started earlier today. Unfortunately Axodys currently has no trading value. I”m not exactly sure what I have to do to change that.