Monthly Archives: July 2003

Python 2.3

Just saw last night that Python 2.3 was released. It looks like there are quite a few cool improvements, but I was most excited to discover this morning that there’s a nice MacPython 2.3 installer package already available as well. Guess I’m going to need to start specifying /usr/local/bin/python in all my scripts now.

Entourage Exchange Support Update

For the first time in months there’s finally some news on the Entourage Exchange support front over at

The update, Version 10.1.4 of Office X, will add Exchange client functions to Office’s e-mail and PIM component, Entourage. It will also incorporate bug fixes to Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Microsoft provided the update to beta testers in July.

I’ve been eagerly awaiting a report like this just to show that progress has been made since the original announcement in February. A MacOS X native Exchange client was really the last obstacle preventing me from making a much more widespread MacOS X deployment at work. Now if they could just release it in August sometime so that I can play with it before school starts up again…

Security Check

Former bodyguard: Athletes need protection from selves

Back when Kelly Davis was traveling around the world with the Dennis Rodman Circus, the Chicago police officer and bodyguard extraordinaire became as skilled as the Bulls’ rebounding savant in the art of boxing out. Wherever the Worm turned, be it packed club, casino, gay bar or bedroom, Davis was sure to follow, serving as a human buffer against all kinds of potential trouble. Sometimes, that meant getting in the face of the heavily tattooed man who employed him, but Davis had no problem holding his ground.

The article definitely presents an interesting perspective on the role of bodyguards for professional athletes. I wonder if the employment ratio of “bodyguards” to “lackeys” among professional athletes will shift in light of recent events.


I’ve been playing with an awesome little MacOS X application called VoodooPad a bit the last couple days. It’s kind of a combination between Stickies and a Wiki in that you create documents with lots of little notes that can link back and forth with each other.

While VoodooPad has a lot of nifty little features (export your notes and links to your ipod!?), the most significant one to me by far is its ability to run notes as shell scripts. It didn’t have that capability when I first tried it out several months ago, but it does now, and for me it’s a revolutionary way to learn how to program in python thanks to my subscription to Python in a Nutshell, and the Python Cookbook on O’Reilly’s Safari service. I can copy and paste code examples, modify them, test them out, and most importantly organize and link to them. It makes for a really terrific learning environment.

VoodoPad registration is currently only $10 (just bought mine today), but from what I understand it’s going to be going up to $30 once the final 1.1 release comes out. Either way it’s a steal, but don’t take my word for it, go check it out already.

Got Trackback?

Just doing my part to help UserLand test their trackback support. I assume this is for Manila based sites and not Radio? On the other hand I could see it working via their community server for Radio very much like comments. I guess I’ll need to read further.

Update: Hmm doesn’t seem to have worked the first time around. One more try?