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Apple introduces Soundtrack

Soundtrack brings the art of music composing to everyone. With minimal cost and effort, you can produce custom music to your video, DVD or Web project. You wonít need to license a song or hire a composer with Soundtrack at your fingertips. Now you can make your own royalty-free music perfectly matched to the mood youíre after. Whether youíve never written a piece of music before or youíre a seasoned composer, Soundtrack lets you lay down tracks and cut a mix in no time.

Wow! This looks like exactly the kind of music application I’ve always wanted to play with. Hmm… only a month and a half until my birthday….


I just realized that my 1500th post was the last one about Winer Watcher and all the bad blood between Dave Winer and Mark Pilgrim. That’s kind of depressing. I’ve kind of had my eye on my post total with the idea of writing something in entry 1500 to recognize the milestone in some way, but I guess I lost track of the number of posts I’ve been writing in the last couple days. I’m not going to do any editing though. Luckily, I’ve got another, far more important milestone coming up in a couple weeks that I still have time to prepare for ;).

Winer Watcher

I’m siding with Mark Pilgrim on the Winer Watcher situation and offers very good explanation of why I feel this way. Tomas puts it pretty succinctly:

My opinion; all people who — like Dave Winer — on a daily basis makes personal attacks and unsubstantial accusations, and then edits them out and pretends they never happened, should have a similar web app watching them.

I check Scripting News throughout the day virtually every single day and I’ve seen Dave’s antics first hand. I have no problem with Dave editing his posts (I do it myself if I see a glaring error here), but I do have a problem with him writing irresponsible things and then pretending they never existed.

The CarChip

New gadget reveals car’s secrets to the mechanically challenged [via Boing Boing]

The basic CarChip ($139) stores up to 75 hours of data and generates tables and graphs that show trip duration, minute-by-minute speed, average speed, maximum speed and incidents of heavy acceleration and braking. If your “check engine” light comes on, CarChip will tell you what’s wrong ó in plain English. If the problem doesn’t look serious, CarChip can reset the check-engine light so that you can see whether it crops up again (sometimes it’s a fluke).

My trusty Accord is too old to support the CarChip, but I’m sure my wife’s car would have the necessary OBD 2 connector and obviously any new vehicles we buy down the road are going to work with it. While I’m not exactly a car tinkerer (beyond the occasional oil change), I am definitely a computer geek and having a “black box” for my car does have a certain appeal.

Looks like you can currently order the CarChip for $125.10 at

Beyond The Blog

Matt Haughey just released an article giving some insights into pushing the limits of Movable Type and it looks pretty interesting.

I’ve spent the past year and a half playing with the possibilities in Movable Type (MT), through my personal and client sites. Like all weblog management tools, MT is basically just a lightweight content manager, but it’s power is in its flexibility. This article is aimed at people comfortable with HTML and creating their own MT templates, but if you’re new to the tool there might still be some tips worth picking up.

Beyond The Blog

I’m definitely looking forward to exploring these tips further.