Monthly Archives: September 2003


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Two Years Later

I may be in the minority here, but it feels like it’s been longer than two years. The events of that day are still clearly etched in my mind, but they feel farther a way than they actually are.

3 Decades

Today was my 30th birthday and it rained all day which I found quite enjoyable after the last week of unseasonably warm weather. I also finally saw Pirates of the Carribean and thoroughly enjoyed it. What a swashbucklingly good movie. I’m really looking forward to picking it up when it comes out on DVD.

Welcome To My World

Universities Rush to Protect Networks

That was my life Friday through Monday as I joined a host of other computer techs working to clean up the student computers on the campus network here at GU. I think we’re starting to make progress, but it’s definitely required a huge amount of work to get things back under control.

I doubt that charging $30 per technician visit like University of North Texas in Denton did would really help cut down on the infection rate (and in fact suspect it would generally increase the problem), but it would be a nice way to raise some money for the technology budget.