Monthly Archives: October 2003

No Panther Yet

Backing up most of my significant files yesterday ended up taking much longer than I had hoped. So I haven’t installed Panther yet, but I should get the opportunity tonight barring too many Halloween related interuptions. I decided to go ahead and buy both Panther related Take Control pdf-lets this morning and make sure that I’m properly prepared for the big upgrade. I’m excited to get things rolling, but I made sure to leave my Panther discs at home so that I could actually be productive at work today.

Random Windows XP Tip

I recently upgraded a couple Windows 2000 machines to XP Pro and discovered that Remote Desktop didn’t work (login attempts always yielded a message about my profile not having permission) even when properly turned on under the Remote tab in System Properties. It turns out that you have to go into to Local Security Settings application and set “/Local Policies/User Rights Assignment/Allow logon through Terminal Services” to the users you want (or simply Administrators if you want to match the XP standard).

Kind of a pain, but I learned about Local Security Settings in the process of solving the problem and that should prove very useful down the road at work.

That Was Quick

My copy of Panther (MacOS X 10.3) showed up today a little after lunch. That’s fairly exciting, but now I have to figure out just how I want to go about installing it. Tidbits has a $5 guide providing in depth coverage of the process, but the pdf has been so popular that they ran into bank problems and had to stop processings order until tomorrow morning. That’s not going to work for me since I want to install tonight.

LeBron Take 1

25 points, 9 assists, 12-20 from the field, and only 2 turnovers. Um, yeah it looks like LeBron James is for real. The really scary thing is that despite the gaudy numbers it looks like his game has plenty of room for growth. He and his young Cleveland teammates just need to learn how to finish a game out.

Power Outage

Yesterday’s high winds (60-70mph) ended up knocking out power to our block for about an hour and a half between until just after 6:30PM or so. It was kind of fun to sit around and view our house by candlelight for a while, but I was pleased to get power back in time for 24

This year’s 24 season looks promising so far, although I’ll admit I’m somewhat dubious about the tech-cred that Jack’s daughter Kim seems to have acquired in the three years since we last saw her. Jack’s partner Chase seems like a pretty cool customer, especially since Jack actually seemed to respect his input at times last night. Of course Chase’s relationship with Kim looks like it’s going make things a bit more complicated.