Monthly Archives: January 2004

Raining, Freezing or Otherwise

It seems to be raining at the moment. As Mary commented to me over dinner we’re almost 50° warmer today than we were last Wednesday. Unfortunately it’s still cold enough that this precipitation will probably come down as freezing rain rather than snow. This has definitely been a winter of extremes so far and there’s still almost two months to go

Snow Week

This week has been a chance for Winter to really take a hold of things here in Spokane with the sub-zero temperatures and ample snowfall we’ve been experiencing. It’s actually back in the 20’s today, but the snow is still falling. I think the total snow accumulation on the ground must be over a foot deep now so driving has been an adventure. My Honda Element’s has been coming in very handy. It handles great in this weather and on unplowed roads even though it only has all-season tires.

Mars Rover: Success

Great news on the Mars exploration front. Spirit, the first of two Mars rovers, successfully landed just a short while ago and sent a signal back to Earth.

Weblogger Susan Kitchens had some pretty good live coverage as well at the Planetary Society’s Wild About Mars progam as well.

I can’t wait to hear more about what Spirit’s explorations in the coming weeks. What a great day for NASA. It’s nice to see the space program achieve some success for a change.