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Pivot Hacking

I spent some time today fiddling around with getting Pivot to automatically support Technorati tags via the built in keywords field that every Pivot entry already has. I ran into some problems early on because the way Pivot handles snippets changed slightly since the last time I experimented with them (each snippet has its own file that resides in a snippets subfolder now) . Once I figured that out I was able to make fairly quick progress despite my lack of php knowledge. I also discovered a similar Technorati snippet had already been whipped up on one of the Pivot forums, but in the end I went with my own custom snippet because it’s a little bit more flexible with optional label and seperator arguments. The end result is now visible at the bottom of all the entries that I’ve assigned keywords to.

Now that I have built in tags support, I think I’m probably less likely to use multiple categories to refer to entries as it ends up being redundant. I doubt I will go back and change too many past entries either, but at least it’s relatively painless if I should choose to. The really nice thing about keyword/tag support is that I can instantly add new tags when I think of them; categories require an additional step to create and at a certain point start to get unwieldy to deal with.

Big Win For The Cougs!

Gripping Moment Cougars’ upset of No. 11 Arizona erases streaks of frustration. Also, There’s no doubting Thomas after he rains 3’s in the desert.

Unfortunately, I missed all but the last few seconds of the game because I didn’t realize it was on television. What a great way to end the 38 straight game losing streak to Arizona. Back during the Kelvin Sampson Era a decade or so ago I got to see the streak nearly end in Pullman in a game the Cougs should have won in regulation, but lost in double OT when they couldn’t overcome a few referee calls that seemed questionable at the time. I remember leaving Beaseley Coliseum in a cold fury and oddly enough, I don’t think I’ve come close to being that incensed over a loss (including Ferris ones) since.

Sick Today

The cold and sore throat that were building earlier this week finally reached the point of full on sickness yesterday morning. I made it through the day, but by evening I was not feeling very well. Mary suggested that I take today off and try to rest up so that’s what I ended up doing.

I’m feeling a lot better at this point thanks to a lot of soup and tea. I kept myself well hydrated yesterday, but today’s warm liquids approach proved far more effective at lessening my sore throat than plain cold water. We’ve got hot water on tap at work and I found my trusty stainless steel Honda mug so I should be able to survive tomorrow if I bring in a couple tea bags. I’ve got a lot of projects to attend to so I’m looking forward to getting back and taking care of them.

GSL Boys Update: Jan 25, 2005

Shadle Thumps CV ^1^

Shadle Park 62, Central Valley 52
Ferris 55, Clarkston 47
Gonzaga Prep 61, East Valley 39
Lewis and Clark 73, Rogers 50
Mead 63, West Valley 59
Mt. Spokane 57, Cheney 54 (OT)
University 51, North Central 45

G-Prep is still alone in first place at 6-1 after they beat East Valley last night as expected. That leaves Mead, Mt. Spokane, Ferris and University tied for 2nd place at 5-2 with 6 games to go. All four 2nd place teams square off against each at least once in the next 6 games, but with this league as even as it is it wouldn’t shock me if two or three of those teams remained tied for 2nd after the meetings.

Friday’s five games that I can’t immediately predict a winner in: Ferris at Cheney, NC at Mead, University at Mt. Spokane, Clarkston at Shadle Park and East Valley at West Valley (only because it’s their Golden Throne rivalry game).

*1. The [untracked watch](] continues:

>Sophomore Zack Humphrey got untracked for the Highlanders in that period with eight points and had 13 of his team-high 15 in the second half.

24 Thoughts

24 is off to a great start this season. After five hours worth of build up, the payoff in last night’s opening 15 minutes was huge. Jack Bauer kicked some serious butt when he single handedly broke into the terrorist’s warehouse hideout and saved the Secretary of Defense^1^ from certain death after his “internet trial by terrorist.” But even better, it turns out that the kidnapping plot and trial was just a clever feint to flood the internet with data and distract the NRC(Nuclear Regulatory Commission) while the terrorist group took control of the 104(!) nuclear reactors in the United States (actually it’s not clear to me a this point if the group took control of all 104 reactors or could have taken control of any one of the 104 available). Plus at the end of the episode it became clear that there’s yet another mole in CTU. Things just got really interesting.

  1. I’d take James Heller over Donald Rumsfeld any day.