Monthly Archives: March 2005

Knoppix Is Cool

Somewhat randomly yesterday I decided to download the latest Knoppix iso via bit torrent and take it for a spin on my desktop pc. I mainly built that particular pc a couple years ago as a way to run Windows XP, do some video stuff and play1 all the cool PC games that never come to the Macintosh platform in timely fashion. It was a lot of fun building the computer from components and I’ve certainly used it for all those things, but I’ve always been curious to play with Linux on it as well. Up to this point I haven’t had the hard drive space, time or patience to set up a conventional Linux installation so Knoppix provided a simple and appealing means for me to make a quick jaunt into Linux land if I ever got around to it. Well, yesterday I finally did and the verdict is in: everything just worked and I could almost see myself taking that computer to Linux full time. KDE and all the various k-apps seem to run as smoothly as windows and if weren’t for a few game and video related applications I could easily see making the switch, as it is I may see if I can get a hold of another hard drive somewhere so that I can duel boot the machine. I’m definitely curious to find and look at a copy of O’Reilly’s Knoppix Hacks book to see what cool things you can do with it.

  1. Oddly enough, my father-in-law is actually a far bigger gamer than I am. I’ve only purchased (and spent a significant amount of time playing) a handful of games since I built the machine while he’s easily played and beaten twice as many games in the same timespan. 

Big Project: Done

The last week and a half I’ve been devoting the majority of my free time creating a varsity highlight video that we’ll be showing at Ferris’ end of season basketball banquet. It ended up being just over 22 minutes long and took roughly 30 hours to put it all together. The hard (and time consuming) part wasn’t putting it together, it was going through 10 games and finding good highlight clips of all 11 varsity players. It was a lot of fun even if I did have to stay up until 4 AM this morning to get it finalized to the point where iDVD could work its magic and create a dvd while I got a couple hours of shuteye. I’m pretty happy with the resulting dvd. It’s not perfect, but I learned quite a bit and I think the players and parents should like it.

Day 3: It gets worse. Much worse.

Yesterday’s Picks

  • Chicago Bracket: Illinois, Boston College, Arizona
  • Albuquerque: Washington, Gonzaga, Wake Forest
  • Austin: Oklahoma, Cincinnati

As if the heartbreak and disappointment of Gonzaga’s loss wasn’t enough I only picked 3 out of 8 total. I didn’t really watch any games yesterday evening so I didn’t find out until this morning that Wake Forest had lost as well. With 2 and 3 gone, things are definitely starting to line up for Washington to roll into the Final Four if they can get into the Elite Eight. Georgia Tech and Louisville are both tougher teams than they’ve played so far this tournament though so reality may set in.

Today’s Picks

  • Chicago Bracket: St. Mary’s
  • Albuquerque Bracket: Georgia Tech
  • Syracuse Bracket: North Carolina, Florida, Kansas, Connecticut
  • Austin Bracket: Duke, Syracuse

Looks like I’m 5-3 to start with.

Day 2 Blues

NCAA bracket reality definitely set in yesterday with my 10-6 finish for the day. That’s the way the basketball bounces I guess. The Syracuse and Kansas losses hurt the most obviously as I had the Orangemen advancing to the Final Four and KU to the Elite 8. I still really enjoyed watching them get upset by Vermont and Bucknell respectively though. I had St. Mary’s advancing to the Sweet 16 too, but I forgot to account for their inexperience in the tournament and it cost me. Southern Illinois just came out and physically manhandled them in the early going. The Gaels were eventually able to get their act together, but it wasn’t enough.

Yesterday’s Picks

  • Chicago Bracket: St. Mary’s (10), Oklahoma St. (2)
  • Albuquerque Bracket: Georgia Tech (5), Louisville (4)
  • Syracuse Bracket: North Carolina (1), Kansas (3), Charlotte (7), Connecticut (2)
  • Austin Bracket: Duke (1), Mississippi St. (9), Michigan St. (5), Syracuse (4)

We’ll see if I bounce back and have a better showing today.

Today’s Picks

  • Chicago Bracket: Illinois, Boston College, Arizona
  • Albuquerque: Washington, Gonzaga, Wake Forest
  • Austin: Oklahoma, Cincinnatti