Day 3: It gets worse. Much worse.

Yesterday’s Picks

  • Chicago Bracket: Illinois, Boston College, Arizona
  • Albuquerque: Washington, Gonzaga, Wake Forest
  • Austin: Oklahoma, Cincinnati

As if the heartbreak and disappointment of Gonzaga’s loss wasn’t enough I only picked 3 out of 8 total. I didn’t really watch any games yesterday evening so I didn’t find out until this morning that Wake Forest had lost as well. With 2 and 3 gone, things are definitely starting to line up for Washington to roll into the Final Four if they can get into the Elite Eight. Georgia Tech and Louisville are both tougher teams than they’ve played so far this tournament though so reality may set in.

Today’s Picks

  • Chicago Bracket: St. Mary’s
  • Albuquerque Bracket: Georgia Tech
  • Syracuse Bracket: North Carolina, Florida, Kansas, Connecticut
  • Austin Bracket: Duke, Syracuse

Looks like I’m 5-3 to start with.