AdSense Deluxe Update

Thanks to the hard work of Wayne over at Acme Tech the AdSense Deluxe WordPress plugin that I was running into some problems with a few days ago has already gone through a couple revisions has added some pretty nifty features as well. Besides fixing the quote escaping issue I was running into Wayne also fixed a glitch that I noticed when running his plugin with the Tiger-Admin plugin installed simultaneously. Plugin support doesn’t get much better than that.

Wayne also recently wrote a post about the adsense strategy he uses in his blog and there’s some good information in there. I’m in the process of adopting a similar strategy of no ads on multipost pages and two to thee ads for my more popular entries here in Axodys using his plugin. Additionally, it sounds like he’s working on an article on techniques to increase ad click-throughs and I’m definitely looking forward to reading more about that when it comes out. I’m sure he’ll have some useful tips.

Well, time to download the new plugin and upgrade.

Update: I’ve added two AdSense Deluxe powered banners to the content of this post for demonstration purposes.1

  1. As of April 22, 2013 long since removed. 

  • wayne

    Jason, thanks for that great post. I wish I’d pushed this plugin out a couple months ago when it was ready to go. I’m thrilled to see there’s such a receptive audience interested in it, but in the five or so days since AdSense-Deluxe’s release, I’ve gotten some useful feedback which has made it more robust in ways I likely wouldn’t have discovered on my own. Your patience and assistance deserves a big gold star. (in fact, I’m so used to doing support on my commercial software and taking for granted that the people who call will sit through the trial-and-error problem resolution process, I was quite appreciative of your participation when I recognized the juxtaposed context.)

    I hope I can set this aside for awhile now and get back to paying work, but the next big feature set I need to add -- if only because I need it, is a facility for locating the posts/pages/locations a given ad block is used in, and being able to change that ad placeholder, or delete it. I feel like the plugin is only half complete without that, as I think most people will after they've been using it for a period of time. It needs housecleaning functions.
    Thank you for the kind words. Without a bit of positive feedback and praise, anyone would lose interest in pushing free software forward if they have bills to pay.
  • Jason

    Wayne, I’m glad I could help you out. You’re the one that deserves thanks for the great plug-in and supplying it free of charge to WordPress users everywhere. It’s cool to know that I was able to make a small contribution to its ongoing success.

    The feature you mentioned as a possible future addition sounds quite useful. It hadn't occurred to me that your plugin could include the functionality to directly remove or edit its tags from the posts they reside in.  Let me know if you ever need a tester for it down the road.
    Thanks again.