Hurricane Katrina Update

New Orleans isn’t out of the woods yet by any means, but it looks like the strange course change that Katrina made shortly before making landfall prevented the predicted worst case scenarios from happening. Here are a few different links with more up to date information:

The SuperDome roof didn’t hold up too well as Wonkin’ in Detroit shows.

New Orleans Metroblogging has the best coverage of damage and flooding in the various parishes in and around New Orleans.

Flickr has a Hurricane Katrina Photo Group

Josh Britton has also been doing a ton of posting on Hurricane Katrina (although he just lost power).

This guy is running a photolog on the hurricane and he’s doing it via cellphone, car battery power and a free dialup AOL account.

And of course still has a ton of good information as well.

  • Calder Lorenz


    I am the Director of Contributor Relations at
    We are providing a public service for those effected by Hurricane Katrina.
    If you want to help you can post a link on your site.  This way people will have a place to post pictures of those who have gone missing during the storm.
    The Link to post is here:
    Please email me any questions you may have (
  • Nona Seward

    My niece Sylvia Sams and her boyfriend Rick Smith, address Box 365, Grand Isle, La are missing after Hurricane Katrina. I talked to her Fri and have not been able to get her since. Called all day Sat but no answer. She is 54; is about 5’2”, light brown hair, brown eyes. Any help and/or response would be appreciated