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Hurricane Katrina Coverage

I just came across in my referer logs and it has some really good in depth coverage of Hurricane Katrina. Brendan has put together a ton of highly informative links on possible outcomes and has been beating the evacuation drum since yesterday. I wish that Mayor Nagins had taken things as seriously as Brendan has been because it’s looking really bad at this point. There are going to be a lot of people stranded and the projections for devastation are unbelievable if the worst case scenario comes to pass.

Hurricane Katrina Blog Posts

I’ve started looking for weblog posts by various New Orleans and Louisiana residents to get more of a firsthand perspective on the approaching hurricane. Here’s what I’ve been able to come up with so far.

Electric Mist who is located in Baton Rouge comments:

The traffic coming out of New Orleans is insane. No one can find a hotel between here and Houston, and I’ve been told that it’s also pretty booked as far away as Dallas. There’s a lot of advice being bandied about on TV about it being better to head north or east, but the path of the hurricane is going to be north-east when it hits land. At the best, if you can get far enough away, you’re only going to have heavy rains, but if you’re east, you’ll have that a lot longer than those in the west. Hence, most people head west.

The pictures I saw on cnn showed a virtual traffic jam on the interstate heading out of New Orleans. I read an estimate somewhere that a complete evacuation of New Orleans would require 72 hours so a lot of people are still going to have to ride this one out.

Yaddoshi seems to think that everyone is taking things too far:

My stance is the same as usual – everyone is overreacting as usual, thanks to the news and the human sheep mentality I watch and am forced to interact with on a daily basis… People are putting plywood on the outside of their windows as usual (morons) and a number of businesses are already shut down.

It will be interesting to see if he has the same attitude a few days from now. It seems to me that it’s better to be over prepared than under prepared.

Richard at New Orleans Metroblogs echoes this sentiment:

Dear Evacuation Monkeys: This one is different. You officially have my permission to freak out.

Brendan83 (who might actually be a classmate of my friend Steve’s since he’s also going to medical school in New Orleans) writes:

Katrina will probably be a category 3 or 4 when it hits, but we will be long gone before then. I have spent most of today picking up anything that could potentially blow or float away in the yard, helping my dad load his work machinery onto his trailer, and packing up everything that is valuable to me into a small duffel bag and a box. Everything else, its fate lies with the hurricane.

Michael Homan is going to be sticking it out:

Hurricane Katrina has her eyes set, seemingly, on my fair city of New Orleans. Therese and the kids are either heading to Jacksonville or Purvis Mississippi at 4 AM Sunday morning. Me, the dogs, and various other critters are battin’ down the hatches.

Hopefully he and everyone else staying put will pull through.

Update 8/30/05: Rob Kline has asked that I point people towards a collaborative Wiki that has been setup to get people information and assistance in dealing with Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath.

Hurricane Katrina Watch

I discovered this morning that Hurricane Katrina is going to pass very close to (if not directly over) New Orleans on Monday. While this is pretty big news in and of itself, it especially hits home for me because my good friend Steve Wilhelm and his family just moved down there so that he can attend medical school at nearby Tulane University. I was able to get in touch with Steve this morning via instant messenger and he was already making arrangements to evacuate if necessary. I asked him what the weather was like there at the moment and he said it was a perfectly normal 90° summer day. Just another reason to be thankful for modern weather tracking technology that can give people time to avoid major catastophes like this.

Speaking of weather tracking technology, this Google Map Plot of Hurricane Katrina I just found over at digg.comdefinitely suggests that evacuation is going to be the prudent course at the moment. My thoughts and prayers definitely go out to Steve and the all other the people in Mississippi and Louisiana who are going to face the effects of Katrina.

Boeing Surplus Store

It’s been a long time since I’ve shopped at the Boeing Surplus Store, but a recent post on Cool Tools jogged my memory. If you like to fiddle around with old computers and electronic equipment it’s definitely a cool place to visit once in a while. Back when I lived in Seattle for a couple months in the late 90s I ran down to Kent a few times and bought a couple used large screen monitors there for a fraction of their original price. If I still lived in that part of the state I’d probably visit at least once a month to see if there were any cool deals. There’s a lot of stuff that could best be classified as junk, but it’s cool junk and there’s usually some good stuff mixed in as well.

Google Talk SIP Support

Applelinks has some {interesting news related to the new Google Talk and SIPphone]( (a company with a product similar to Skype only based on the open SIP protocol).

SIPphone has also agreed to expand their network by linking with the newly launched Google Talk network. Gizmo Project and Google Talk users will be able to exchange instant messages and voice calls among each other in future versions. “Our goal is to link the entire world into one giant free dialing directory and joining forces with Google is a great step in that direction,” said SIPphone CEO Michael Robertson. “Gizmo Project users can now call more than two dozen voice networks and 150,000 University phones using GUPS, which makes us the largest SIP based network in the world.”

This is especially good news for Macintosh Users since there is already a free downloadable SIP client available at

I think a Google/SIPphone combination is going to be a pretty serious competitor for Skype since their approach is based on a non-proprietary standard. I found a post with some good comparsion information between the two services at