Monthly Archives: October 2005

Interactive Fiction Competition

The []11th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition]( is underway and I’ve actually managed to play and judge one third of the total entries in roughly a week’s time. So far I’ve been really impressed with the overall quality of the entries. The contest has come a long way in the past decade both in number of entrants and the obvious care and testing that has gone into the entries. My goal is to finish judging the remaining games by November so I can get on to Nanowrimo if I’m feeling motivated. I’m still not sure if I’ll actually follow through with the latter, but I figure it’s best to keep the option open.

Seahawks Stun Cowboys (And Me!)

The Seahawks’ come from behind victory over the Cowboys was simply unbelievable. I was just happy they were going to make it into overtime after a gritty defensive struggle and then Drew Bledsoe went back to his “Cougar”: roots and threw an interception that was returned to field goal range and Josh Brown made it with no time remaining! What a beautiful moment for Seahawk players, coaches and fans everywhere.

The Dallas defense was tough today, but I was more impressed by the play of the Sea-Fence (props to the crazy fan that thought of that sign– he’s gotten TV time in the last two games I’ve watched). I was sure the Seahawks were dead after that stupid punt return fumble (Roger Craig made the comment that, that’s the kind of play that players lose jobs over and I could not agree more!) on the 10 yard line late in the game, but the defense got it done and forced a field goal and the Dallas kicker missed.

Awesome ending to a fairly painful game!

Flock Is Here

I’m in the process of testing out a new social web browser called Flock.  It’s based on Firefox, but integrates with various social web services like flickr and del.icio.usFlock also has a built in RSS feed reader and weblog posting support (which is how I’m writing this post). 

Lexi and Gitte, our two weims.

I haven’t figured everything out yet, but it seems to work pretty well for an early beta release.   The flickr integration is really cool.  It was a piece of cake to add the picture of Lexi and Gitte to the left.  I’ve never been much for using wysiwyg weblog editors up to this point, but this one definitely shows some promise. 

The main downside at this point is the lack of direct category and tag support. Hopefully that’s something that the Atom API will make possible once it’s integrated into WordPress.

Apple Product Announcements

Apple had another product roll out event today, but it was more incremental than earth shattering. The 15″ and 17″ Powerbooks get improved screens with higher pixel density while the PowerMac G5 lineup moves to dual core processors across the board with a quad core set up (dual dual) at the high end.

On the software front Apple also announced Aperture a product that can probably be best described as iPhoto for Professionals.