Interactive Fiction Competition

The []11th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition]( is underway and I’ve actually managed to play and judge one third of the total entries in roughly a week’s time. So far I’ve been really impressed with the overall quality of the entries. The contest has come a long way in the past decade both in number of entrants and the obvious care and testing that has gone into the entries. My goal is to finish judging the remaining games by November so I can get on to Nanowrimo if I’m feeling motivated. I’m still not sure if I’ll actually follow through with the latter, but I figure it’s best to keep the option open.

  • Ramona W

    So which games have you liked best this far? “Son of a…” was good, I thought, and I’ve also enjoyed “History Repeating”

  • Jason

    I liked “Son of a…” okay, but my favorite so far is probably “The Colour Pink.” It has a good combination of story and puzzles and it’s about the perfect size for the competition.