Monthly Archives: January 2006

Seahawks: Superbowl Bound

It was almost surreal watching the Seahawks take it to Carolina today. Seattle has played pretty well all year and they’ve looked pretty dominant at times (just ask Philadelphia), but I just didn’t expect them to do this well against a tough and experienced Panther team. I kept waiting for a big play to shift momentum the other way, but it never really happened. The Seattle offense was solid all day and the defense forced Jake Delhomme and Steve Smith into subpar performances. What a great day for Seahawk fans everywhere.

Next stop Detroit!

What’s New Is Old Again

Since I haven’t really felt motivated to revamp my weblog’s theme yet I’m reactivating my old customized theme for the moment with a few tweaks. I think originally I had thought it might experience significant breakage under WordPress 2.0, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. The front page is going to display entire posts again because the excerpt plugin I was using and the standard excerpt tags don’t play nice with Markdown and Textile formatting for some reason. Google AdSense will be reactivated for individidual posts still, but not the main page. That won’t change at all until I do a complete overhaul.


Dan Bricklin (one of the guys behind VisiCalc, the original spreadsheet software application) is working on a web based application called WikiCalc that will offer the collaborative features of a wiki in the guise of an online spreadsheet. WikiCalc is in the alpha stage of development now, but based on the screenshots I’ve seen it looks very promising. Perhaps more importantly from a user adoption standpoint, WikiCalc is being developed in Perl and will be released under a GPL license so it should be freely available to run on all major platforms once it’s ready to go. Needless to say I’m very excited about this application and I anticipate a lot of other people will be as well.

Vince Young Is Good

This year’s Rose Bowl was pretty good tonight and Vince Young was unstoppable. I saw most of the Texas – Ohio St. game at the beginning of the season and I knew he was good, but I definitely gained a profound appreciation for his abilities tonight. If he came out this year and I was looking for a guy to build an offense around I would definitely take him over USC’s two Heisman winners. He’s tall and a good passer, strong enough to stay upright when grabbed by a defender, yet he’s highly mobile so that rarely happens anyway. NFL scouts have got to be drooling.

Python Project Notes

I just got an email announcing the Aaron Swartz’s framework has been released. It’s just a .1 release, but it’s already in use by Reddit and looks fairly interesting.

On a related Python web application framework note, Turbo Gears is steadily marching towards its .9 release by all accounts. Turbo Gears gives you a little bit more out of the box than at this point ala Ruby on Rails in terms of packaging everything up together nicely, it’ll be interesting to see where both frameworks are three months from now.

On a completely different tack I took a look at the PAWS (Python Adventure Writing System) a little bit over my vacation and it looks fairly appealing. I really like the idea of being able to write a text adventure in Python rather than say TADS or Inform, but in practice it’s got some issues. I had to dig into the code and tweak a couple things just to get the example game to run under Python 2.4 on MacOS X because the tkinter and curses based interfaces didn’t work. On top of that game portability is nowhere near as simple as it is for TADS and Inform games because you need some form of Python installation rather than a simple player application. I want to write a text adventure at some point this year, but I remain unsure as to what language I want to actually write it in.