Seahawks: Superbowl Bound

It was almost surreal watching the Seahawks take it to Carolina today. Seattle has played pretty well all year and they’ve looked pretty dominant at times (just ask Philadelphia), but I just didn’t expect them to do this well against a tough and experienced Panther team. I kept waiting for a big play to shift momentum the other way, but it never really happened. The Seattle offense was solid all day and the defense forced Jake Delhomme and Steve Smith into subpar performances. What a great day for Seahawk fans everywhere.

Next stop Detroit!

  • Angela

    Go to and sign the petition. this petition is to help make the Day After the BIG GAME a national holiday forever! Wouldn’t it be nice to sleep in on a Monday and party hard the night before while watching the game?

  • Jason

    I think I’d rather see a new holiday for something a little more meaningful myself, and in a month that doesn’t already have a national holiday.