Apple Heroes and Villains

Wired News has been providing a lot of coverage of Apple leading up to the company’s 30th Anniversary on April 1st. I particularly liked the Apple Heroes and Villains gallery they put together. Fittingly enough, Steve Jobs actually gets three different entries because he went from hero to villain to hero for founding, leaving and then saving the company.

I should also mention the Apple OS gallery they put together covering the evolution from DOS 3.3 all the way to MacOS X because it’s pretty interesting as well. The original MacOS screenshot reminds me of the first time I got to look at a Macintosh up close in the computer section of a defunct downtown Spokane department store called the Crescent. I didn’t end up getting my first Mac for another 6 or 7 years, but I’ve had one ever sense.

  • Mike

    My first experience with Apple was the IIe in 1983 at Jefferson Elementary in Spokane. We got to go there once a week or something for some “creative” kids club called Tessera (it was more like goofing off once a week, with school permission). All I remember was building a picture of a castle and thinking I was the coolest kid on the block. By the end of the school year, (6th grade) I was teaching the 1st graders how to do the same thing. I guess we should have all seen the tidal wave coming then. I didn’t own my first Mac until 1995, and now have owned 8 since then, with 4 in operation currently. It’s a Mac, Mac, Mac, Mac World.

  • Jason


    Thanks for dropping by.  It's been a while since I talked to you.  How long has it been since we saw those Apple demos in Foley Library?  Are you running any Intel hardware yet?  I guess Final Cut Pro has been Universal for a little while at least.  My MacBook Pro seems pretty fast, but I haven't really put it through its paces with any processor intensive apps like FCP yet.
    I remember those Tessera days at Jefferson fondly even though Mrs. Ramos was never my biggest fan (unsurprisingly she loved my sister 10 years later though).  In fact as I recall I attended with you 6th graders for a while after I started going to Mullan Road midway through the year since there was an opening with you guys, but not my classmates or something.  Did you build that castle with Logo or some kind of paint application?
  • Mike

    Oh my,

    Yes, it was Logo. That rings a bell anyway.  Mrs. Ramos didn't care for me either, however, she loved Stu Burnham if memory serves. Mr. Prodigy. I do remember you there, and was wondering if my note would ring a bell. Our first Apple days go down in infamy....
    As for the Intel stuff, my only experience so far is setting up an iMac for my pastor, which was seamless outside his Front Row remote being a bit suspicious, and his bible study software needing to tech support to get up to speed. All to be expected.
    I do have an assistant editor I hire from time to time that just installed Universal FCP on his Macbook Pro just yesterday, but I have yet to put it through its paces, what with NBC Camps editing deadlines and all.
    Saw the Shock's first game last night. Good times. This is the new cool thing in town. I got to edit their spots, and hope to be on the sideline shooting some footage sometime this season. But I'll save all that for another category.
    Holler back, love hearing from you. We should get together the first Hoopfest team for old times sake.
  • Jason

    I tried to find the Shock game on TV last night, but it wasn’t on channel 24 like I thought it was supposed to be. Based on the announced ticket sales and pregame buzz I had a feeling it was going to be a hit and that seems to be what I’m hearing today as well. That would be pretty sweet if you get to do some sideline filming at some point. I’m definitely hoping to catch a game or two myself this season.

    Reuniting the original hoopfest squad would be cool, but we'd definitely want to find a fourth man this time around!