Monthly Archives: April 2006

Nintendo Wii

I’m not much of a console gamer, but this was just too amusing to pass up. Appqrently Nintendo’s new unreleased game console, previously known to most enthusiasts as the Revolution has been renamed the Wii (pronounced “we”). Reactions are understandably mixed. The first thing I thought of when I heard the name and it’s pronunciation was the immediately obvious similarity to a fairly common English term among young children. As one of the articles that I read noted, they must not have done much testing with western audiences. After reading that the dual i’s in Wii are supposed to represent the consoles two radical new controllers I thought that was kind of clever, but I still think it’s an unfortunate name for a product aimed squarely at kids.

Further reaction:

WordPress Update

Hmm… the WordPress 2.0.2 update didn’t end up being two painful. I’d forgotten that I still had an old defunct Movable Type installation sitting on my server so I cleaned that out too. Now I need to go investigate the new widget plugin because it looks pretty interesting.

In other site related news, the comment spam barrage continues. I’m guessing that Akismet caught 100 spam comments easily in the last week. Give it up losers! They’re not getting through.

Comment Spam

I’ve been getting a ton of comment spam lately, but luckily WordPress in conjunction with the Akismet plugin does a good job of catching everything. I’m still a couple of minor versions behind on WordPress and I definitely need to get on the stick as far as upgrading goes, but at least that hasn’t made it any more vulnerable to the problem from what I can tell.

Darren over at ProBlogger has also noticed a recent increase in comment spam and written an article covering the topic and the importance of continuing to fight it. He has a lot of good reasoning on why you need to prevent comment spam, but doesn’t really offer any solutions beyond being attentive and having up to date blogging software.

Five Years

I realized this evening that it’s been exactly five years since my dad died. I still think about him daily, but this anniversary managed to sneak up on me. That’s probably a good thing in many ways.

I feel like I should be writing something meaningful; five years ago I said that I had a lot of things that I wanted to write about him, but I never really did. I still have that desire though and it certainly hasn’t diminished in the intervening years. I think it’s finally time to start addressing this as we move into the summer months.

Adam Morrison Goes Pro

Not really a surprise to most people in Spokane I think. Even though I was pretty sure this was Adam’s last year from the beginning of the season I’ve found myself still hoping he would stay one more year. At any rate, whichever NBA team drafts Adam is going to pick up a lot of fans in Spokane. Good luck at the next level Adam.