Monthly Archives: May 2006

Textmate Blogging Bundle

I just noticed that Brad Choate had created a TextMate bundle that allows for the easy creation of weblog posts. This is a quick test to see if it actually works and what the ramifications for Markdown usage are. I’ve wanted this functionality forever, but hadn’t ever gotten around to working on it for myself.

Bazaar-NG 0.8.2

I submitted my first macports Portfile patch today when I noticed that Bazaar-NG is currently up to version 0.8.2 and the current port was 0.7. No word yet on whether it was accepted, but at least the process of creating it allowed me to get the update installed locally. It was also useful to get a little bit more of an under the hood look at how macports works/stores files. I’m still mostly clueless, but it was good to learn a few things In other Bazaar-NG related news nobody has gotten around to creating a Textmate bundle for it yet so I’m going to have to look into doing that when I get some spare time. I’ll probably just build on top of the work of the darcs or mercurial bundles since that would be the easiest approach and they should have similar functionality.

TeX Port

I finally realized today that I could in fact install LaTeX/TeX via darwinports. I didn’t realize the standard unix distribution of TeX is called teTeX and so I was under the mistaken impression that there wasn’t a port available. On my last Mac computer I installed TeX via a system called the i-Intaller, which besides being yet another package management system (yuck) completely hangs my MacBook Pro.

On an entirely tangential note here’s a great article on Donald Knuth (the creator of TeX) that recently appeared in Stanford Magazine.

Inform 7

I was checking reddit this morning and discovered that Inform 7 was recently released in beta form. I played around with learning Inform 6 a few months back, but ended up getting a little bogged down in the minutia of setting up the perfect development environment in TextMate and then got busy with basketball season. It’s probably a good thing I didn’t get too far into the development process because Inform 7 is completely revolutionary. I was completely blown away when I learned that Inform 7 is built around natural language programming and an incredibly powerful integrated development environment that runs native on both MacOS X and Windows. No more second class citizenry for Mac text adventure developers. I can’t wait to explore it further.