Bazaar-NG 0.8.2

I submitted my first macports Portfile patch today when I noticed that Bazaar-NG is currently up to version 0.8.2 and the current port was 0.7. No word yet on whether it was accepted, but at least the process of creating it allowed me to get the update installed locally. It was also useful to get a little bit more of an under the hood look at how macports works/stores files. I’m still mostly clueless, but it was good to learn a few things In other Bazaar-NG related news nobody has gotten around to creating a Textmate bundle for it yet so I’m going to have to look into doing that when I get some spare time. I’ll probably just build on top of the work of the darcs or mercurial bundles since that would be the easiest approach and they should have similar functionality.

  • David

    Trying to find a way to email you to ask you a question about how you set up libgmail on osx but the Contact doesn’t work. Please email me so I can ask?

  • Jason

    Sorry David, I’ll have to do something about fixing that contact link. I’m working on a response to your question now.