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Stumbles for July 17, 2008

Useful iPhone Applications for Travelers

A pretty good list of useful iPhone applications for travellers. Not sure how useful the Morse code app actually would be, but the WeatherBug, Accufuel (mileage tracking), Steps (pedometer), and Lonely Planet Mobile Phrasebooks looked particularly useful. iPhone 3G: Released Friday, Pwned Tuesday : Boy Genius Report

It’s pretty much a given that any phone computing device like the iPhone will be unlocked within a matter of days once the right people get their hands on it. DCoda & WP_StumbleDigest

WordPress plugin that allows you to post a daily digest post of all your recent Stumbles. Looking forward to giving this a try on James Hubbard’s My Family Doctor Blog & Blog Archive & Write It Down to Lose More Weight: How to keep a food diary

My wife has used this technique very successfully to lose weight after her last pregnancy and it’s probably something I should look at doing myself. Failure plus Persistence equals Success | Alex Shalman . com

Good blog post about the importance of tenacity and not giving up after failure while striving for success. Six Free BlackBerry Downloads You Dont Want to Miss – – Business Technology Leadership

GoogleMaps and TwitterBerry are the two apps that really jump out at me. Anatomy Ads – Monetize Anything – Home

Interesting looking new social advertising system that’s now in beta testing for those interested in signing up. The Story of the Fail Whale – ReadWriteWeb

Pretty cool story about the Fail Whale image and the community that his embraced it and helped make money for the illustrator who created it. In Da House

There’s a new url shortener called on the scene and it’s got some sweet new features.  I wanted to throw this post up as a cool self reverential test before I left work and it seems to have worked like a charm:  More thoughts to come when I get back home and have a chance to further play with it. Debut

I’ve been an occasional Twitter user since I discovered it nearly two years ago, but it’s not something I use on a daily basis yet. That said, I’ve been following its service level woes with interest as more and more users hop on board and the company struggles to overcome their service’s initial architecture. There is no question that Twitter has a lot of compelling uses and unlimited potential, but the the lack of reliability and regular downtime has become a significant issue.

While there are other competing closed services out there like pownce and jaiku today I discovered a new federated open source alternative called that looks like a pretty promising alternative. The software that powers is called Laconica and anyone can download the source, tweak it and run it on a server of their own choosing. This is incredibly important because it moves microblogging from the closed, centralized, company dominated realm into the decentralized internet service realm of email, irc, rss and dns.