Monthly Archives: November 2008


Fuzebox is a pretty sweet do it yourself 8 bit console that you can buy in kit form from Adafruit Industries. If my kids were a little bit older I could totally justify getting one because this would be an awesome project to do together.  The fun and learning possibilities for this are pretty unlimited.  Also, here’s a video demo of its Uzebox relative in action:

Pandora Widget

I’ve been using Pandora to fuel my internet radio listening habits for quite a while.  It’s a cool service and does a good job of finding music that I both enjoy and often haven’t heard before (at least unti l’ve listened to a given station for hours on end).  The one minor downside has been that it takes up yet another tab in my browser.  Until now that is- I had a brief 3:45 AM aha moment and realized that there was probably a Pandora Dashboard Widget. 10 seconds later I had it downloaded and installed. Problem solved.

Pandora Dashboard Widget

First Weekly Address From President-Elect Obama

It was recently announced that President-Elect Obama will be doing weekly YouTube addresses to the nation rather than the more traditional weekly radio address U.S. Presidents have done in the past.  A simple yet highly worthwhile change that embraces today’s information on demand paradigm.  Here’s the first one:

Not a whole lot of new information if you’ve been following politics in the last couple months, but a decent first step towards improving government accessibility and transparency through technology.