Battlestar Galactica: No Exit

There were a lot of significant revelations about the Final 5 and Cylons in general during No Exit, the latest BSG episode, but there was one key quote from Sam that I hadn’t seen anyone else pick up on yet:

Back on Earth. The warning signs that we got… They looked different to each one of us. I saw a woman Tory you saw a man. Funny, no one… no one else could see them. Galen you thought you had a chip in your head.

Now maybe it’s just me, but that sounds a heck of a lot like the visions of Six that our good friend Gaius Baltar used to experience. In fact at one point he even thought he had a Cyclon chip in his head that Six had placed there. Sam finishes with the revelation that the 7th humanoid Cylon was named Daniel and we learn via Ellen that John (Cavil) destroyed Daniel’s entire line in an act of extreme jealousy.

Except I don’t think Cavil completely destroyed the Daniel line. At this point six of the seven people we know to have had visions are confirmed Cylons (the Final 5 + Caprica 6 and her visions of Gaius). I think Gaius is a Daniel model, probably the only one remaining in existence after Cavil destroyed the rest. Given his sadism and propensity for tinkering it seems likely that Cavil might even have taken the last Daniel and reprogrammed him a bit to exacerbate his most human flaws as a final revenge before deploying him on Caprica as Gaius Baltar.

At this point we still can’t explain the visions and Starbuck’s resurrection, but there certainly appears to be some kind of external guiding force that has had a hand in events since at least the destruction of Earth.

  • Dan

    Hey Jason

    Good thoughts on the Daniel/Baltar possibility. Not sure how I feel about this extra Cylon model - seems a little late in the game to pull this revelation out. Still, there's got to be some reason for the visions Baltar had and this seems as good an explanation as any.
    Makes me wonder if they'll show (in the limited time remaining) any of the other Cylon models having visions.
    As for Starbuck's resurrection? Maybe Ellen will reveal she built yet another model that hasn't been mentioned up until now.
  • Dan

    Oh, also? The fact that the doctor called in to fix the Cylon exhibiting severe communication flakiness and all kinds of memory issues was the ‘I’m A PC’ guy? Sheer genius. I can only assume the writers are Mac people.

  • Jason

    Dan, thanks for stopping by.

    As far as the extra Cylon model goes it's not totally out of the blue. We've know about models 1-6 + 8 for a while and had them all referred to by number, but the 7s were always a mystery until now. I'm definitely happy that despite all the recent revelations, there are still a lot of mysteries to be cleared up and theorize about.
    Jon Hodgman, the PC for the Apple commercials and now "the brain guy" occasionally writes for the New York Times Magazine and <a href="" rel="nofollow">wrote a nice piece on Ron Moore and BSG</a> a few years back.
  • Jason

    Also, I love the fact that in one episode Ellen transformed from someone that I didn’t particularly like into a much more sympathetic and complex character. Considering what a shallow shadow of her former self Cavil turned her into by robbing her of her memories (and perhaps further tweaking her programming to dumb her down a bit) it certainly lends credence to the idea that Gaius could be Cavil’s vision of Daniel.

  • Dan

    True, the logical basis for a 7 was always there. But it would have been nice if one of the characters (say, Baltar, what with his head for numbers and all) had asked the ‘where’s the seven?’ question a little earlier.

    Engh. Doesn't bother me *that* much. Just a little bit rabbit out of the hat for my liking.