Monthly Archives: November 2009

Droid Hands On

I got my first up close look at the new Verizon Droid smartphone today when a faculty member (and former Blackberry owner) brought his in so that I could hook it up to campus email. A blocky, but solid (literally and figuratively) smartphone all around,it didn’t blow me away by any means, but it’s progress on the Android front. The hi-res screen was nice, but was not that much better than an iPhones for the everyday tasks I was performing. I didn’t bother with the physical keyboard as the virtual one seemed similar to the iPhone’s. Mounting the flash drive via USB is hidden and completely unintuitive (you have to drag the menu bar/tiny usb icon, and press a couple virtual buttons from the control panel that appears.

Final verdict: If you’re a Blackberry owner set on your hardware keyboard this is a nice upgrade, but for most user’s without smartphone preconceptions they’ll be happier with an iPhone.

Zags 2009-10 Season Promo

Not sure why they couldn’t upload this to YouTube in a properly cropped resolution, but here’s the Zags’ new 2009-10 mens basketball season promo video.

Clever Fools

A high IQ is like height in a basketball player. It is very important, all other things being equal. But all other things aren’t equal. There’s a lot more to being a good basketball player than being tall, and there’s a lot more to being a good thinker than having a high IQ.–David Perkins, who studies thinking and reasoning skills at Harvard Graduate School of Education. More here: Clever Fools: Why a high IQ doesn’t mean you’re smart.