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I just rediscovered one of the annoying -bugs- features(?) of using the default layout in Movable Type. It starts to break down if I don’t post for a few days. Sidebars that should be on the right shift all the way over to the left. Dogs and cats living together. Chaos. Just another sign that I need to work on my layout design I guess.

Mobile Tech

The 5 forces that will shape mobile tech

  • Broadband everywhere
  • Extremo Centrino
  • Tablet PC
  • Wireless apps appear
  • No clear winners in wireless hardware

Speaking of tablet PC’s, Apple is really missing the boat right now by not having a product of their own. My supervisor brought one into a technology group meeting yesterday and a couple people that were present immediately announced that they each wanted one of their own (and one is pretty pro Apple). I still want a 12″ Powerbook G4 myself, but I certainly wouldn’t turn down a tablet if they bought me one at work. Apple already has all the necessary technology so I really think it’s only a matter a time; hopefully they’ll just end up being fashionably late to the tablet party.


After reading Robert’s plug of Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots (and his comparison to OK Computer – a big favorite of mine as well) I had to go over to the Flaming Lips to find out more about their new album. I didn’t expect to be able to listen to every track online though (yay for pro technology musicians!). I must admit, I liked what I heard enough that it will probably be my next cd purchase.

Friday Night

I’ve been doing a lot of posting in Radio Userland lately, and I think I’m probably going to move everything over into that system when it becomes possible to easily import them. Unfortunately it looks like it could take a while before that becomes possible unless I create a script to do it myself.

I really like <a href="">Movable Type</a>, but I prefer the multiple category capability and news aggregator that comes as part of Radio Userland.  The one area that Movable Type has a clear advantage is in terms of the discussion capabilities, but considering that's getting zero use currently I don't mind giving it up.