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A Great Game, But…

Well, Team III exceeded my expectations and took University III to overtime before eventually losing by five. We were actually leading by two with 9 seconds left, but thanks in part to my decision to pressure full court we ended up fouling with four seconds left in the game. U-High hit both their freethrows and we failed to get a good shot in the final four seconds of regulation. I think there’s a good chance that the outcome would have been the same had we simply fallen back into half court defense for the last ten seconds, but it’s hard to say for sure. On the one hand I’m really pleased with the job my team did, but on the other hand I’m pretty disappointed that we didn’t quite pull out the victory when it was ours for the taking.

Team I won their game fairly easily and plays tomorrow night at 6:10 PM.

MacWorld New York

One cool aspect about MacWorld New York is that the keynote address will actually be taking place at 6AM PST, so I should be able to catch up on all the breaking news shortly after getting up. Or I could just get up a little bit early and try to watch the quicktime broadcast live.

Ferris Team III won their last game of the season and as a result managed to qualify for the playoffs which start Monday.  The bad news is that in order to win the playoffs for our league, we're going to have to beat the two teams that we were never able to beat during the regular season.  The good news is that winning Monday's game is well within the realm of possibility.

Random Seattle Stuff

Did a little exercising this morning with Mary. We ran for about twenty minutes, and made it about two miles I think. I’m a little sore now, but it felt good to go for a run again for the first time in months. I always find that it’s easier to go running for the first time in Seattle than in Spokane and I attribute that to the roughly 2000 foot difference in elevation between the two cities.

I came across a nifty keyboard and mouse replacement product from <a href="">FingerWorks</a>.  It's basically a giant keyboard sized curved touchpad that can also recognize gestures.  Very cool!

M’s win!

And in a fitting conclusion to tonight’s lengthy battle with the Giants, the Mariners closed out the game with a clutch 4-3 victory. Mary and I had talked about trying to go to one of their games during our stay here in Seattle, but we’re probably out of luck at this point.

Driving into Seattle this evening, Mary and I were impressed with the progress on the new football stadium.  It's roof support structure, although immobile and split down the middle, is quite reminiscent of neighboring Safeco Field's.  Hopefully both fields will end up having significantly longer working lifespans than their ugly predecessor the Kingdome.