2018-02-14 06:38

Lots of crashes and slide offs being reported this morning. Contemplating going into work late if the conditions are that bad around here.

2018-02-12 10:35

Trying to decide if I’m going to watch the second episode of Counterpart. It’s a good show, but I’m not completely hooked yet.

2018-02-12 10:31

On a whim just went looking for one of my dad’s old practice planners from a specific season. Inexplicably it appears to be the only one that I’m missing out of an 18 year span. 😐

2018-02-12 09:20

My biggest revelation from the season finale of Star Trek: Discovery is that the immediately recognizable Clint Howard, whose name I didn’t know before today, is Ron Howard’s little brother and appeared as a child on episode 10 of TOS.

2018-02-08 08:24


2018-02-06 01:04

Unbelievable launch! Watching the twin boosters successful simultaneous landing was like science fiction brought to life. No word yet on the third booster landing on the drone ship, but everything else has been perfect.

2018-02-06 12:39

Pretty nervous and excited for this Falcon Heavy launch. It’s going to be amazing if this all comes together as planned!

2018-02-05 03:23

Well, that’s a bummer. Just found out that Frasier and Say Anything dad John Mahoney passed away today at the age of 77.

2018-02-05 09:42

Finally got around to switching my DNS on axodys.com over to Digital Ocean and pointing it to blot.im. Everything’s been ready for a while, not sure why I didn’t move forward.

2018-02-04 05:05

Pretty awesome trick play call for a 4th and goal touchdown by the Eagles!


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