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Tog On Interface

Tog has some interesting thoughts on what Apple really should be doing when it comes to improving its interface. I think he’s right on about keyboards having a return and delete key on the lefthand side of the keyboard as well. It really bugs me to have to move my hand from mouse to the keyboard and back when I’m navigating through dialogs.

Pismo, Pismo, Pismo

The new PowerBook G3’s definitely look appealing. Obviously I’m not going to go out and get one since I’ve only had my Lombard for four months now, but I’d love to have one. The good news is that I will get to play with one fairly soon, since I’m ordering one for one of the faculty members in my building.

Pismo Announced

Well, Apple finally announced the new PowerBooks. The low end model is now a 400 MHz G3 and the high end sports a 500 Mhz G3. Both come with DVD, two firewire ports and the RAGE mobility 128 chipset. Surprisingly enough they seem to have kept the Lombard enclosure.

What is X10 you say? Andy Ihnatko tells all about his new addiction over at Mac Central. I have to admit my curiosity is piqued.

No Green Card For Linus

This is completely ridiculous. Linus Torvalds can’t get a green card because of INS beuracracy. But it gets even worse. According to a recent San Jose Mercury article: U.S. immigration law sets aside 140,000 employment-based green cards each fiscal year. But because of the green card backlog, about 40,000 cards were issued in fiscal year 1999. The approximately 100,000 unused spots don’t roll over to this fiscal year, so they’re lost.

It's just not a good thing when you're forcing valuable tech workers out of the country when more and more the economy is being driven by the very industry they work for.

Internet Week has a pretty informative article on <a href="http://www.internetwk.com/lead/lead012600.htm">migrating your existing Windows NT network to Win2k</a>.  This is an issue we've been exploring here at Gonzaga for a few months now.  Thankfully, since my building is highly Mac-centric I only have a few PC workstations and a couple servers to deal with.  I will say the Win2k Professional Beta 3 installation on my office PC went very smoothly and it has a fairly obscure network card.

This San Jose Mercury article has the <a href="http://www.mercurycenter.com/svtech/news/indepth/docs/ads013100.htm">lowdown on all the Super Bowl commercials</a>.  And that one with the stupid ad that I couldn't remember was <a href="http://lifeminders.com">lifeminders.com</a>.

I was certainly pleased to see this <a href="http://www.appleinsider.com/articles/200001/newer.shtml">rumor</a> on Apple Insider yesterday.  I love my PowerBook and would definitely prefer being able to just upgrade it to buying a new one.