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Migration Progress

So in case you hadn’t heard there’s a WordPress worm/exploit going around that allows all versions prior to the last couple to be hacked. This was a definite concern for me since virtually all my various WP projects including Axodys were several major releases back. Rather than simply upgrading all of them though I decided to tackle a couple tangential yet related projects at the same time. Upgrading the slice. A while back I made the mistake of not upgrading the version of Ubuntu Linux I had originally set our slice up with before it’s support window with Canonical closed. Doh! No more easily accessible package repositories. Back when I discovered that it had happened I considered just doing a back up and going for it via some directions I found on how to access some older packages. The best solution at this point was actually to purchase a second slice temporarily set it up the way I want, work out the configuration kinks and then move over all our accounts and projects.

Trying Something New

I installed Twitter Tools while fiddling around on the web this morning. I’m going to experiment with updating my blog here with daily digests of my all my twitter tweets since I’m doing that a lot more these days. We’ll see if it sticks as something I end up doing regularly. If nothing else it will be a good way to breathe some life back into my blog again I figure.

On a related note it looks like Mary and I are going to try to replace our ancient Nokia 3650s with Samsung Gravity messaging phones this weekend.  I don’t see myself needing (or wanting to pay monthly data fees for) a true smartphone like an iPhone or G1, but I’m looking forward to having an improved camera, a qwerty keypad and new ways to do remote microblogging.

Axodys One Decade Later

Axodys.com is 10 years old today. I began my first post on January 24, 1999 with, “I’m finally starting to make a little progress on my site here.” And in the intervening years I’ve held that sentiment with surprising regularity.

I spent the last week or so revisiting and tagging the posts from 1999 and made some interesting discoveries. For one thing, by today’s standards the majority of my early posts look like a day’s worth of Twitter tweets in form and content. In those early days I mostly used this blog as a personal journal documenting my day and occasionally shouting out to my friends. Today there are other services like Twitter and Facebook that handle that type of communications far better anyway.

I don’t post here as much as I did in the early years, but I like to think when I do post the quality has improved a bit. I want to start posting a little bit more regularly here again (and maybe even get to 2000 total posts by the end of the year since I’ve been stuck in the 1700s for literally years), but we’ll have to see.

For that small handful of you that have been following along for all ten years thank you for tuning in. I hope it’s been interesting and at least a little entertaining if nothing else. Here’s to another 10 years!

WordPress Overhaul

Axodys.com is long overdue for a WordPress overhaul. I’m a few versions behind and there’s a variety of cruft to clean up.

I’ve installed the latest version of WordPress (2.2) on another site I’ve been working on and it seems like a pretty decent evolution. Based on this summary I found it seems to be a mostly incremental release. That’s not really surprising considering it’s probably the most flexible and powerfull blogging platform around.

Vox Update

Vox is definitely shaping up to be a pretty sweet weblog community, but only being a Starter class participant with only comment posting ability is starting to get a little old. I’m really looking forward to being upgraded to Standard mode and being able to invite my family and friends to join in as well. I think Starter mode will be perfect for a lot of people that are new to blogging like the various members of my extended family, but it’s fairly constraining to me. The real irony is that while generally I do far more post reading than post writing, now that I’m in a situation where I can’t write posts I really want to. Go figure. At least I’ve got good old Axodys here to channel some of that writing desire into. In the meantime I guess I’ll keep adding interesting people into my Vox Neighborhood and tooling around all the cool pictures, audio and video that’s popping up. I really like the fact that there’s a ton of public material going up there even though you can keep stuff limited only to friends and family. Update: Looks like all existing starter accounts will be upgraded to Standard accounts by Monday. Sweet!