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Outdoor Basketball Goals

If there’s one cool thing about the internet it’s that it makes it easy to set up a specialty store for just about anything imaginable.  Case in point, I just discovered a store that specializes in outdoor basketball goals.  They carry a huge selection of indoor, outdoor, portable, wall-mounted and even poolside hoops. I’m not in the market for a basket right now, but when the kids get a little older I plan to start here.

NBA Playoff Project

As most people that know me a little bit are aware I’m a pretty big basketball fan.  My dad was a pretty successful high school basketball coach for over 30 years so I suppose it only makes sense that I would pick up an affinity for the game that I was exposed to from day one.  High School and College Basketball are by far my primary interests during the winter, but this time of year when those seasons have ended and the NBA playoffs are just around the corner my interest in the pro game really starts to pick up.

I’ve been thinking about starting some kind of affiliate campaign this week, but I hadn’t come up with any solid ideas.  Then last night while thinking about the coming NBA playoffs my two interests collided and I had a great idea for a potential niche site domain name.  I checked the domain name and surprisingly enough it was available, so I jumped on it immediately.

Even though the new site isn’t going to be a blog per se, I’m leaning towards managing it with good old WordPress just for ease of setup and management.  That’s just my initial thought though.  I have a lot of work to do in the next week or so to get things ready.

At any rate, I’ll definitely be covering this new project and the NBA playoffs a lot more as I start to make progress so stay tuned for a lot more in depth discussion.

Assorted Links

Webmonkey has a useful article comparing the pros and cons of four server side scripting languages: ASP, ColdFusion, Perl, and PHP. Personally I’m hoping to give PHP a try on one of my home machines sometime soon, and further down the road a little modperl action. Of course it’s always a matter of finding the time to do it.

Hey all you basketball fans. December 4th in Cleveland baby!

Fruit Loops I kiss you. I hear a tour with Mahir is in the works…

Even though in most ways I agree with the recently released Findings of Fact against Microsoft, as a resident of Washington State I’ve had similar thoughts about how what’s bad for Microsoft is bad for the local state economy.

Here’s an interesting dissenting view on the whole Microsoft deal. [via Scripting News]

New Windshield Time

I went out to my family’s house to visit with Kristen for a while this afternoon. I installed some nifty graphics programs for Kristen to play with while I was trying to come up with a cool cd graphic design.

At some point I got the brilliant idea to go out and shoot a few baskets.

Unfortunately for me (and my car’s poor windshield) I missed one too many shots and pretty much finished off my already well cracked windshield. Looks like it’s time to finally replace it.