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Weekly Project List

Once I get our taxes wrapped up in the next day or so I can finally get back to making some progress on the various online projects I’m working on around here. Here they are in no particular order:

  • Help my brother Micah move a few of his sites over to our slice on slicehost.
  • Pillar content for axodys.com.
  • Help Mary launch her new blog.
  • Develop a new theme (most likely modifiying an existing one) and install various plugins I’ve been thinking about for axodys.com.
  • Install/develop a new theme for 100km.us.
  • Look into wordpress plugin development.
  • Start one Bum Marketing affiliate campaign.

That’s a pretty good list to start with and it actually gives me several different things to write about this week. Putting together a list like this should help me be more productive as well as I work through it.

WordPress Overhaul

Axodys.com is long overdue for a WordPress overhaul. I’m a few versions behind and there’s a variety of cruft to clean up.

I’ve installed the latest version of WordPress (2.2) on another site I’ve been working on and it seems like a pretty decent evolution. Based on this summary I found it seems to be a mostly incremental release. That’s not really surprising considering it’s probably the most flexible and powerfull blogging platform around.

Axodys Blogger Edition

Today marks the day that I finally blogger-ized my weblog. Obviously there still may be some tweaking to do, but I’m hoping not too much.

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my site consistantly, but I’m planning for that to change. We’ll see what happens.

On an amusing related noted I discovered the bump blog last weekend and enjoyed reading it and its past entries quite a bit. Sure enough, as if some dark conspirancy was plotting to steal joy from my daily existence, it hasn’t been updated since Monday. Oh well, I can relate.