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Hey That’s Patrick Scoble!

Mary was watching the Today Show when I got up this morning. I was working on getting packed up for my ride into work and not paying too much attention, but I did notice when they started talking about the iPhone. Suddenly there was a clip of a familiar looking kid answering questions about his iPhone. Hey that’s Patrick Scoble isn’t it? Yep, a moment later they identified him with a title on the screen.

Now I’ve never met Patrick, but I know who he is because I’ve read a few of his blogs and heard about him tangentially via posts from his dad Robert and Dave Winer over the years. A year or two back he did a couple podcasts with his dad that I enjoyed as well. Needless to say he seems like a pretty cool tech savvy kid and I enjoyed seeing and recognizing him on national television this morning.

Software Patent Links

Dave Winer has a lot of useful links on the software patent issue today on Scripting News. He points to a very informative article on the issue in the MIT Technology Review. This whole issue just makes me boil.

Great! Blogger, just ate one of my post attempts for the day. Luckily I’ve still got it in my memory banks.

At one point I had a URL for a simple little web application that would take the ISBN code for a given book and list the pricing at several online bookstores (including amazon.com). I’ll have to see if I can track that down again.

No More Pesos For Senor Bezos. I decided to stop shopping at amazon after the One Click patent lawsuit reared its head and anyone who thinks giving a company a monopoly on e-commerce is a bad thing should do the same.

Angela’s Ashes

The SVG stuff (simple vector graphics) that Dave Winer has been talking about recently on Scripting News is fairly interesting, but also kind of depressing. Oh boy, yet more cool technology that will take at least another year or two for widespread browser adoption and integration.

I went to Angela’s Ashes this afternoon with my girlfriend and her parents. It was fairly good, but the word from Mary and her mom is the book (as is often the case I think) is far superior.

Hmm, the weekend is nearly over.

MacOS 9 And More

Today I acquired a brand new (box and everything) copy of MacOS 9.0 from a friend in exchange for working on his computer yesterday so I’ll probably install that sometime this weekend. Hopefully that will fix my PowerBook’s sleep issues (it has a tendency to freeze while waking up that developed a month or so after I bought it. I investigated the issue a little bit, but rather than spending the time to solve the problem went to the work around of just shutting it off when I transport it.

Dave Winer has posted his latest DaveNet over at Scripting News. It’s a fairly long piece, but it has a lot of interesting stuff on this year’s WEF at Davos and finishes with Dave’s recipe for making money on the Internet. I’m thinking that the plan he discusses is taken directly from what he’s looking to do with EditThisPage.com.

It looks like scientists have made a breakthrough in electro-active polymers that could lead to improved performance in things like, “pumps and motors, valves and generators, robot actuators, inkjet printers and flat-panel loudspeakers.” Even cooler, these same materials could eventually be used to create things like a next generation artificial heart.

Saturday Surfing

Hmm, Saturday’s almost over. But then I suppose that’s obvious.

I think hearing about Dave Winer’s experiences at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland has been pretty cool. A lot of people in weblogging circles are pretty down on him, but I have a lot of respect for the guy and what he’s doing for webloggers and the Internet as a whole.

It’s going to be fun watching the Super Bowl though. I always enjoy the new commercials, since they’re usually a step above the typical television advertisements we’re bombarded with.