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Inform 7

I was checking reddit this morning and discovered that Inform 7 was recently released in beta form. I played around with learning Inform 6 a few months back, but ended up getting a little bogged down in the minutia of setting up the perfect development environment in TextMate and then got busy with basketball season. It’s probably a good thing I didn’t get too far into the development process because Inform 7 is completely revolutionary. I was completely blown away when I learned that Inform 7 is built around natural language programming and an incredibly powerful integrated development environment that runs native on both MacOS X and Windows. No more second class citizenry for Mac text adventure developers. I can’t wait to explore it further.

Monday Update

Work today was totally dead. That wasn’t too bad because it gave me a chance to fiddle around with Python. It’s definitely a nifty scripting language.

Even cooler I stumbled across PUB (Python Universe Builder) a set of Python modules for creating interactive fiction games. I haven’t had a chance to experiment with the modules yet, but it looks promising. Probably not as rich and full featured as TADS or Inform, the two major IF oriented languages I’m familiar with, but intriguing none the less.

I’ve always wanted to create (write?) a text adventure along the lines of the classic Infocom games. Someday…

After an evening filled with shopping I am nearly done. Yes!