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WPtouch Plugin

I probably don’t use my iPhone to surf the web via Mobile Safari as much as some people, but one recent trend I have noticed on a few blogs is themes specifically designed for optimal iPhone consumption. I did some research and it turns out that there is a great WordPress plugin called WPtouch that allows you to offer a highly customized and mobile friendly theme for visitors using Mobile Safari. Since WPtouch is a plugin it operates side by side with your standard theme and only iPhone (or iPod Touch) users get the new user experience.

Always one to want to try the latest and greatest web technologies I went ahead and installed WPTouch on axodys.com yesterday. I’m still experimenting and tweaking the settings quite a bit, but the results have been pretty good so far with minimal work on my part.

Here’s what the front page of axodys.com looks like in an iPhone thanks to WPTouch.

One subtle feature about the calendar icons that I noticed (but isn’t visible from this picture) is that each month has a distinct color. It’s very evident that the developers of this plugin paid a ton of attention to little details like that.

This is a shot of an actual post page.

I also whipped up a quick iPhone home page icon using this handy web iphone icon generator, but it’s not reflected in my original screen shots.

I’m looking forward to playing with WPtouch further and adding it to a couple of my other blogs. If you’re looking to add similar mobile functionality to your own WordPress blog quickly and easily I suggest you check it out.

Hey That’s Patrick Scoble!

Mary was watching the Today Show when I got up this morning. I was working on getting packed up for my ride into work and not paying too much attention, but I did notice when they started talking about the iPhone. Suddenly there was a clip of a familiar looking kid answering questions about his iPhone. Hey that’s Patrick Scoble isn’t it? Yep, a moment later they identified him with a title on the screen.

Now I’ve never met Patrick, but I know who he is because I’ve read a few of his blogs and heard about him tangentially via posts from his dad Robert and Dave Winer over the years. A year or two back he did a couple podcasts with his dad that I enjoyed as well. Needless to say he seems like a pretty cool tech savvy kid and I enjoyed seeing and recognizing him on national television this morning.