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Weblog Fun

While thinking about how unmotivated I feel about going shopping this afternoon I decided to put Google to use on the word “motivation”. Serendipitously I discovered that Duke basketball coach Mike Kryzewski has a motivation section on his basketball coaching site.

With it being the holiday season and everything, this piece by Brad L. Graham had to be included in my weblog!

I’m exploring the idea of moving Axodys fully into Manila. The main question I’m looking at is whether to have my site hosted by one of the new Manila oriented providers or to shell out the money and serve the site off one of my own computers. I can see advantages to both systems and will have to continue to mull things over.

Of course I may just decide to stick with pair.com and blogger for now too. It’s kind of a matter of figuring out where I want to go with Axodys. Any thoughts on the subject are of course welcome.

Manila Fun

My Manila site has very little differentiation in focus from this site right now, which I’m finding is somewhat of a problem. Obviously I want to play with Manila more, but I don’t want to neglect Axodys.com either.

I must figure out a solution soon. I suppose one solution I could look at would be to double post daily entries to both locations. Of course my site hosting contract for axodys.com will be coming up for renewal in January. Perhaps I should start looking into the companies that are offering Manila site hosting.

My current situation reminds me of all the Spider-man comic books the folks at Marvel Comics used to have running simultaneously. It’s different now (they relaunched I think), but way back when I still collected comic books there were three titles, Amazing Spider-man, Spectacular Spider-man, and Web of Spider-man.

Manila For Everyone

Dave Winer has decided to make Manila available to anyone for a free sixty day trial. That’s incredibly cool, but I’ve also noticed a slow down in my site’s responsiveness in the last day or so. Hopefully they’ve got enough horsepower to support the thousand plus sites they’re going to have a week or two from now. I thought Manila was going to be sweet, but I don’t think I came close to realizing how significant it’s ultimately going to be until today.

Site Move

My site was down for a while today while my site host moved. Seems to be working fine now though.

My new Manila hosted site is here.

Free Manila Account

Hey, this is super cool! Userland Software is offering two months of Manila use free on their server to people who had Userland accounts prior to 12/01/1999 (this includes me).

Now I have to figure out what kind of weblog I’d like to do. Something more focused than Axodys probably. Hmmmm…

Gonzaga played Cincinnati tough after a poor outing in the first half, but ended up losing 75-68 in Cleveland. Not bad for a game on the road against the number one team in the country.