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Trying Something New

I installed Twitter Tools while fiddling around on the web this morning. I’m going to experiment with updating my blog here with daily digests of my all my twitter tweets since I’m doing that a lot more these days. We’ll see if it sticks as something I end up doing regularly. If nothing else it will be a good way to breathe some life back into my blog again I figure.

On a related note it looks like Mary and I are going to try to replace our ancient Nokia 3650s with Samsung Gravity messaging phones this weekend.  I don’t see myself needing (or wanting to pay monthly data fees for) a true smartphone like an iPhone or G1, but I’m looking forward to having an improved camera, a qwerty keypad and new ways to do remote microblogging.

Hey That’s Patrick Scoble!

Mary was watching the Today Show when I got up this morning. I was working on getting packed up for my ride into work and not paying too much attention, but I did notice when they started talking about the iPhone. Suddenly there was a clip of a familiar looking kid answering questions about his iPhone. Hey that’s Patrick Scoble isn’t it? Yep, a moment later they identified him with a title on the screen.

Now I’ve never met Patrick, but I know who he is because I’ve read a few of his blogs and heard about him tangentially via posts from his dad Robert and Dave Winer over the years. A year or two back he did a couple podcasts with his dad that I enjoyed as well. Needless to say he seems like a pretty cool tech savvy kid and I enjoyed seeing and recognizing him on national television this morning.