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Ahh, yeah! Gonzaga managed to humiliate UCLA at Pauley Pavillion in a men’s college basketball match up this afternoon. It’s actually being broadcast on a tape delay basis here in Spokane which I didn’t realize until game time. I had to settle for listening to a live radio broadcast which was okay, but fairly unsatisfying.

It was especially great to see Gonzaga bounce back from their back to back losses against ranked teams (Cincinnati and Temple) and put the hurt on the Bruins.

NCAA Hoops Championship

Yet another college basketball season came to an end when UConn beat Duke. What a great year of basketball.

I forgot to mention Futurama yesterday. Pretty good overall. Bender rules!

Zags Lose To UConn

Gonzaga couldn’t quite pull it out today. They gave UConn a great game though. They made a great run though during the past few weeks. Great job guys!

I'm already looking forward to next year.

Analyze This

I went to Analyze This this evening. It’s the first movie I’ve seen in a few weeks and it was definitely amusing at times, although not exceptional. De Niro is always good in my book and he’s perfect for this role.

Will reality finally settle in for Gonzaga tomorrow?  It's been a great week and a half regardless!