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Hoops and Stuff

I got in quite a bit of sports this weekend. I watched GU finally beat USD at USD (in overtime no less). Then today I caught the end of the Jags/Titans game and all of the Rams/Bucs game. I was surprised by the outcome of the first game and pleased with the second as it means Jeff Robinson, one of my dad’s former basketball players, will be playing in the Super Bowl. Another weekend has come and gone. Work has been going well overall though so I can’t feel too bad.

NFL Playoffs

I actually have quite a bit of space now that I’ve cleaned up some of the clutter in my apartment. It’s a nice feeling. I’ve been thinking about doing a site redesign for a while now, but I haven’t started on it yet. I think I should be able to find time during the coming week though.

I didn’t watch any of the playoff games this past weekend, but it’s definitely cool to see a bunch of fresh teams in the NFL playoffs. CNNSI‘s Peter King gives a pretty good rundown on this week’s match ups.

Incidentally, Jeff Robinson, one of my dad‘s former players, scored a touchdown for the Rams in yesterday’s game against the Vikings. He was a starter for the Ferris basketball team that finished second in the Washington AAA state tournament in 1988.

Fun And Football

Amusing Javascript fun for the whole family. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to play with the Magic Ghetto 8 Ball.

The Seahawks managed to lose by 3 to Miami today in a disappointing final appearance at the Kingdome. I’m looking forward to seeing what Coach Holmgren can do in the off season when he puts on his general manager’s hat. Judging by today’s performance he might start looking at beefing up the Offensive Line. Just a thought.