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Fun And Football

Amusing Javascript fun for the whole family. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to play with the Magic Ghetto 8 Ball.

The Seahawks managed to lose by 3 to Miami today in a disappointing final appearance at the Kingdome. I’m looking forward to seeing what Coach Holmgren can do in the off season when he puts on his general manager’s hat. Judging by today’s performance he might start looking at beefing up the Offensive Line. Just a thought.

PySol, Seahawks and Fireworks

This is too cool! Pysol is a cross platform Solitaire program written entirely in Python. Bye bye free time!

The Seahawks lost today and still managed to make the playoffs. It was kind of funny rooting for the hated Raiders to beat the Chiefs in overtime. I definitely didn’t think it was going to happen for a while there.

I downloaded the Fireworks 3.0 and Dreamweaver 3.0 demos today. I’m considering purchasing Fireworks and possibly Dreamweaver as well. The cool thing about Macromedia is that they let you play with their full products for 30 days.