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Google Chrome

Google finally released Chrome, their new (and long rumored) browser yesterday so I had to take it for a quick spin at work.  My initial reaction is that it’s a pretty solid and fast beta.  Its biggest flaw at the moment is that it’s Windows only right now, but there’s a lot to like otherwise.  Things that I like:

  • Tabbed interface – every tab gets its own address bar and can be easily moved around
  • Sandboxing – every tab/page is kept in its own process/memory sandbox and a bad page can’t take down the whole browser.
  • Fast – javascript is blazing and this browser ran great on the old 1GHz/512MB XP machine I tried it out on.
  • Efficient – memory management is really good.
  • WebKit based – builds on all the quality open source work that Apple has done with Safari.
  • Open Source – innovations should trickle down throughout the rest of the industry.
  • IE 8 just became that much more irrelevant.
  • Evan Martin – I’ve been reading this guy’s LiveJournal for years so it’s really cool to find out he’s directly involved in the project a developer.
  • Scott McCloud comic – I can’t think of a cooler way to introduce the features.

WordPress Overhaul

Axodys.com is long overdue for a WordPress overhaul. I’m a few versions behind and there’s a variety of cruft to clean up.

I’ve installed the latest version of WordPress (2.2) on another site I’ve been working on and it seems like a pretty decent evolution. Based on this summary I found it seems to be a mostly incremental release. That’s not really surprising considering it’s probably the most flexible and powerfull blogging platform around.

Utah Road Trip

I bought Fireworks 3 and Dreamweaver 3 just prior to my trip, so I now have absolute no excuse for putting off the old site redesign. Looks like there should be plenty of time tomorrow to get that taken care of.

I can’t believe I missed posting on Thursday. I’m definitely slipping.

I have now returned from my whirlwind trip to Salt Lake City. There’s nothing quite like two 12 hour road trips (bookending a 60 hour span) squished in the back seat of a truck that really only seats two comfortably. It was actually a pretty fun trip.


Looks like iCab does indeed work with Blogger. I checked my iCab preferences and discovered that InScript is not activated by default. Turning it on allows you to publish. Cool!

The new version of iCab is out and it supports JavaScript (or InScript in this case with trademarks and such being what they are). Unlike IE 4.5 for the Mac, it actually seems to work with Blogger as I’m using it right this moment (got to love that German engineering). Oops I spoke too soon, I can post stuff, but the publish button dosen’t do anything. That and there’s still no support for CSS. Still, it’s great to see some third party competition for the big two and it is still in Beta.

In the tradition of EvHead, Megnut and countless other weblogs, I’m hoping to do my own redesign sometime this week. This will of course have to be fit in between work, basketball practice, basketball games, Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri, eating, spending time with my girlfriend, Ferazel’s Wand, updating my weblog, riding my bike, and everything else. No Mary, those items were not listed by order of importance!

Bye-bye free time, my copy of SMAC for the Mac has arrived.

Assorted Stuff

Here’s a fairly complete list of MacOS 9 compatible software updates from MacFixit. Okay, I think I’ve managed to upgrade to MacOS 9 without any serious issues. Now it’s time to track down a few software updates. Now where was that page I saw with a comprehensive list?

Just what is deepleap?

Well, not only am I out of shape, but I’m rusty at NCAA Football 99 as well. The good news is that I was able to win a game after losing my first of the season. My new CycleOps Fluid Trainer works splendidly.

In an effort to start getting back into decent shape I’m going to go shopping for one of these today. Ironically this probably means I’ll start using my Playstation again. I can honestly say that I’ve used it more times while exercising than without.

I’ve been debating a lot lately whether or not I want to get the whole Fireworks/Dreamweaver package or just Fireworks. Decisions, decisions…